Lifespan increases 67% with this simple compound?

Lifespan increases 67% with this simple compound?

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When men age, their mitochondria become run down and stop burning sugar efficiently.

Metabolism switches to more towards the fat-burning energy generation.

And this produces far fewer molecules of protective carbon dioxide and fewer molecules of energy-giving ATP.

Strategies to increase mitochondrial activity take advantage of mitochondrial uncoupling.

Basically, this supercharges the mitochondria and activates them to full power!

It’s like furnaces with gasoline poured on them.

They produce a lot of heat, a lot of carbon dioxide, and not much fat.

Mitochondrial uncoupling speeds up the metabolism.

And it fixes mitochondrial problems that researchers think are correlated with aging.

And there’s another side to this, which is the production of free radicals in the mitochondria.

The more free radicals the mitochondria produce, the more the furnace is burning hot.

And you want the furnace burning hot.

Which means you want a lot of free radicals if you want to age with without actually getting older.

I know… sounds backward when we all hear about bad free radicals are for your health.
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Now, here’s a study of a very important enzyme, a chemical factory.

This enzyme helps the body process all these additional free radicals.

In this study, they gave an enzyme-like chemical to small laboratory worms, and the little worms lived 67% longer.

This chemical, called a superoxide dismutase mimetic, was able to penetrate the mitochondria.

And it allowed the mitochondria to burn much hotter.

When mitochondria burn hotter, they release more free radicals.

This superoxide dismutase mimetic let the free radicals convert harmlessly into other compounds.

It’s as if you connected a catalytic converter to a dirty, smoky fire.

Then all the smoke would be cleaned up, and the fire could continue burning, and its smoke would be clean.

But would the same life extension strategy work in mammals?

Remember the formula is this: make the mitochondria burn hotter with mitochondrial uncoupling.

And then use a superoxide dismutase mimetic to help burn off the increase free radicals harmlessly.

So, they used mice for this stucy.

This is the most exciting life-extending work that in progress right now.

They used a different type of superoxide dismutase mimetic and treated mice with it, starting with “mouse middle age.”

Chronic treatment not only reduced age-associated oxidative stress and mitochondrial radical production, but significantly extended lifespan.

In the natural world, the most common superoxide dismutase molecules are enzymes found in nature that have a bit of manganese somewhere in the molecule.

Manganese is found more in foods such as pineapple and maple syrup.

But in this case, the superoxide dismutase that they used was an enzyme containing a manganese atom or two.

It’s much the same as how chlorophyll contains a little magnesium, and hemoglobin in the blood contains a bit of iron.


The focus of this study used the same discovery of super oxide dismutase to see if it could help obese mice lose weight.

The mice that received the superoxide dismutase inhibitor based on manganese lost weight primarily because they ate less.

They just weren’t as hungry.

So, this is another reason to look very closely at these emerging studies.

Overall, these data demonstrate that this promotes weight loss and enhances insulin action by reducing caloric intake.

I believe the combination of mitochondrial uncoupling and superoxide dismutase mimetics could be the key to lengthening life.

It may help to increase lifespans in men and women.

I believe that the Big Pharma companies are working very hard on this.

But there are probably natural compounds that can accomplish the same thing or even better — without Big Pharma.

And I will, of course, keep you posted as I discover what these are.



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