Study: Can this LED light raise testosterone and sexual desire?

Study: Can this LED light raise testosterone and bedroom desire?

It takes a just few minutes for testosterone levels to skyrocket, for desire to rise, and for sexual function to return. I do it too. Here’s how easy it is…

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A terrible epidemic is killing men’s health and their manhood…

In 1960, only 2% of men were heavy or obese. And only about 3% of men reported suffering erectile dysfunction problems.

Now, however, according to the latest research, 40% of men over the age of 40  experience regular erectile dysfunction problems – failure to get hard, to stay hard, to sustain intercourse… and coming too fast.

And 60% of these men suffering from ED are heavy or obese.

Men often report belly fat they can’t get rid of, along with poor or non-existent erections.

I already knew there was a relationship between belly fat and poor erections.

Then I discovered that many men are suffering from penile fibrosis.

This is actual hardening of the arteries in the erection chambers of the penis.

These same men also had belly fat and low testosterone.

The mystery was deepening.

What might be causing soft flabby erections, body fat, and penile fibrosis?

Or as I call it, being “fat, flaccid, and sick.”

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Study: Can this LED light raise testosterone and boost sexual desire?

I’m going to tell you about a small study that I think is very important and should have attracted more attention that it did.

Studies like this are not well-funded as there are no prospects for Big Pharma to profit.

This study was done in Siena, one of the best places in Italy I’ve ever visited.

The University of Siena is almost a thousand years old – it’s one of the oldest universities in the world.

In Siena’s School of Medicine, they did a very neat study that showed how…

Men can increase their desire and testosterone levels without taking a single chemical or supplement.

A very small number of subjects were randomized into two groups.

The men in one group were given a special light to look into for 30 minutes upon waking up.

The others were given a placebo light that lacked the frequencies and brightness of the special light.

The full light group reported much higher desire and sexual function than the placebo group did.

The lead researcher noted:

after treatment, the group exposed to the bright light was scoring a more than 3-fold increase in sexual satisfaction

Not only that, but testosterone levels skyrocketed in the men who were looking into the full light. This didn’t happen with the placebo group.

the group given active treatment showed an increase from around 2.1 ng/ml to 3.6 ng/ml after two weeks

Before I leave this topic, I want to tell you about another study that shows us the other side of the coin.

How darkness can be harmful to reproductive organs.

This study was done a while back. It shows that young male hamsters left in darkness did not develop their adult penises and testicles.

Moreover, when male hamsters were left in complete darkness, their penises and testicles shrunk.

darkness causes atrophy of the sex organs

This is an extreme case, but we can see from these two studies how beneficial light is to our reproductive organs.

I personally use a similar light protocol every day. I find it super-helpful. I believe it could make a big difference for many men and women.

One thing that I do differently is to use red light rather than white light.

Many studies have shown the benefits of red light.

Part of my light protocol is to stare into the bright red light for a period of time with each eye. Of course, I make sure that I don’t heat up my eyeball or cause damage.

I believe that my eyesight has even been improving since I have been doing this.

And my libido is maintaining its usual high level.

If you want to try this, don’t look into just any old white light. They often have too much blue in the spectrum, which can be harmful.

A red LED light is perfect.

And talk to your doctor first, of course.

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