Beneficial or dangerous?


Matt Cook here, and many men have been writing to me and asking about L-carnitine…

Is it a good supplement for men to take?

Does it really boost metabolism and help with fat loss?

And I think it’s great for men to know as much about a supplement as possible before taking it.

So here’s what you should know about l-carnitine…

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Carnitine is a natural substance first isolated from meat about one hundred years ago.

Our body can make plenty of carnitine, but carnitine supplementation also has some effects on the body.

It is commonly used as a sports supplement in the form of l-carnitine.

It is said to be useful for weight loss, to improve male fertility and boost brain function.

I am skeptical about these alleged benefits of supplemental carnitine.

But what it does do is alter the function of thyroid hormones.

L-carnitine supplementation could be very useful for people suffering from dangerously high levels of thyroid hormones.

But for most people, l-carnitine supplementation could significantly lower our metabolic rate. This will lead to weight gain and all types of chronic disease.

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The human research was carried out at the University of Messina School of Medicine in Italy. The paper was published in the Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

The Italian research consisted of both cell experiments and human trials.

The human trials were carried out in people with dangerously high levels of thyroid hormones in their system (hyperthyroidism).

“We carried out both cell experiments and a randomized clinical trial on iatrogenic hyperthyroidism.”

All their experiments indicated that thyroid hormones are blocked by l-carnitine.

This can be a lifesaver in a tiny number of people who have dangerously high levels of thyroid hormones.

But for everyone else this can be a major problem.

“We validated the concept that L-carnitine is a peripheral antagonist of thyroid hormone action.”

The thyroid hormones are essential for our body’s ability to generate energy – and they have a vast number of downstream effects on protein synthesis.

L-carnitine blocks the thyroid hormones (known as T3 and T4) – preventing them from getting into the cell nuclei where they have their beneficial effects.

“In particular, L-carnitine inhibits both T3 and T4 entry into the cell nuclei.”

The thyroid hormones need to get inside the cell nuclei to do their work.

“This is relevant because thyroid hormone action is mainly mediated by specific nuclear receptors.”

If you look up recommendations for supplemental l-carnitine you will see doses ranging from 100mg right up to 5g per day.

The research clearly shows that carnitine used in common dose ranges can have severe effects on thyroid hormone metabolism.

“2 grams of L-carnitine is capable of reversing hyperthyroid symptoms as well as preventing the appearance of hyperthyroid symptoms.”

Again, this can be very beneficial for people with hypothyroidism, for example active Graves’ disease…

but this can tank energy levels in almost everyone.

A deficiency of thyroid hormones inside the cell nuclei means we do not have enough energy to build and repair the body properly…

This leads to chronic disease.

Even more interesting is the fact that l-carnitine did not affect TSH.

TSH is a hormone related to the thyroid hormones – it is an indirect marker of thyroid hormone levels.

TSH is the most common test used to assess thyroid function.

But although l-carnitine blocks thyroid hormones it has no effect on TSH.

This means that the functional hypothyroidism caused by this supplement will be missed by most doctors.

“It is noteworthy that some biochemical parameters (TSH) were resistant to the L-carnitine inhibition of thyroid hormone action.”

It is a double-edged sword – high doses of l-carnitine are bad for most people…

But the researchers also report the beneficial effects of l-carnitine in people who have extremely high levels of thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism).

“A very recent clinical observation proved the usefulness of L-carnitine in the most serious form of hyperthyroidism: thyroid storm.”

For a small number of people, l-carnitine could save their life by blocking the effective dangerously high levels of thyroid hormones.

“Since hyperthyroidism impoverishes the tissue deposits of carnitine, there is a rationale for using L-carnitine at least in certain clinical settings.”

It is pretty clear that supplementing l-carnitine can have major detrimental effects on metabolism and thyroid function in most people.

It is a supplement generally best avoided – at least in the higher doses.

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