Knee pain? Here’s what is working for me

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Knee pain? Here’s what is working for me

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and if you have knee pain, you may be shocked by what I’m about to tell you…

I’ve been studying joint pain and arthritis in men for over a decade…

So I will always give it to you straight and not sugar coat truths that Big Pharma would often you rather not know…

Surgery for knee pain doesn’t work well and comes with risks. It’s crazy, because this is a solution that’s often suggested.

In fact your doctor may not tell you about the reality of knee surgery.

They may not know because there is an awful lot of money in insurance companies paying for knee surgery procedures.

Whenever there is a lot of money – misinformation often follows.

I’m convinced the money is the reason that Big Pharma likes to cut so much.

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In 2015 there was a Danish study done that showed that knee surgery gave no better results than treatment, exercise, or sham surgery.

To be fair… this study was only for knee surgery for people with osteoarthritis and not injuries.

Knee surgery for injuries may have a different outcome.

In this study, the researchers showed that after 6 months the results from surgery were the SAME as the results from the other group.

Surgery provided slightly more pain relief than controls in the first six months — 2.4 points lower on the 100-point scale. But there was no difference in pain scores between surgery and controls beyond that period, and there was no difference between the groups at any time in self-reported physical function.

Considering that surgery increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis, and is far more expensive than other options…

…this is a significant finding!

The review, in BMJ, found that deep vein thrombosis was the most common adverse side effect of surgery, with about four events per 1,000 procedures. Less common were infection, pulmonary embolism and death.

This may seem discouraging… but there is a way to dramatically help with knee pain that has been proven with research.

It’s walking for exercise.

After four years, those who started off without frequent knee pain and walked for exercise at least 10 times were less likely to experience new, regular bouts of stiffness or aches around their knees and had less structural damage in their knees.That may seem anticlimactic, but walking for exercise is easy and it’s free. If you have knee pain from arthritis, regular exercise can really help.

Consistent movement can help create muscle mass, strengthening ligaments around the joints that have osteoarthritis, Dr. Husni said. Walking is a low-intensity, low-impact workout, allowing people to maintain the strength and flexibility that are critical for healthy joints, she added.

If you start walking it’s important to build up your ability over time and be patient with where you’re at in your fitness journey.

He recommends that people start with a small, short walk, gradually building up distance over time. The goal of the exercise is to provide muscular support to an arthritic knee, he said, and to let the joints, tendons and tissues become acclimated to the walking.

Personally, I love to walk. Walking is easy to do. It helps me to think, and I really enjoy it.The research is clear. Surgery doesn’t do much for knee pain from osteoarthritis, but walking does.

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I know what it’s like to live every day in pain, how it feels waking up with sore joints that creak and pop when you bend them…

Bending over to pick something up and feeling that searing burning sensation all along your spine…

Having to lock yourself away in a dark, quiet room as your skull just throbs and throbs…

All of these pains and more can be debilitating.

They can make you call out of work… miss a family reunion… skip out on a date…

I’ve been there and never want to be there again.

Fortunately, I have a secret weapon on my side now — a powerful natural pain reliever that costs less than a few bucks at the store.

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