KCNQ5 helps relax blood vessels and improves blood flow

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It’s completely natural, a traditional herbal remedy…

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KCNQ5 helps relax blood vessels and improves blood flow

I rarely watch TV with commercials. But when I do, I am always astounded at the amount of pharmaceutical ads there are on television.

It really is quite amazing how much Big Pharma spends to convince you that you MUST buy XYZ treatment to solve a particular problem that you may not even know you have.

That’s because there is an avalanche of money in Big Pharma.

In the U.S., we spend a disproportionate amount of all of our money on healthcare…

Currently it sits at about 18% of GDP. And Big Pharma is a huge slice of that pie.

That’s why, when I read studies like the one I’m going to show you today, I’m not particularly surprised at the conclusions…

But I’ll get to that in a minute.

First I want to tell you about how some traditional herbal remedies work to lower blood pressure.

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Since before recorded human history, our species was using plants to cure diseases.

Now, without rigorous scientific study, this was a hit or miss proposition.

But it often DID work. And this is the case for many traditional folk medicines used to treat high blood pressure.

“Documented use of botanical folk medicines stretches back as far as recorded human history. There is DNA evidence, dating back 48,000 years, that suggests the consumption of plants for medicinal use by Homo neanderthalensis. Archaeological evidence, dating back 800,000 years, even suggests non-food usage of plants by Homo erectus or similar species.”

KCNQ5 – a potassium channel – helps relax blood vessels

There is a specific mechanism in our bodies called KCNQ5 that, when activated, relaxes blood vessels – leading to lower blood pressure.

“Many of the known traditional botanical plants used to lower blood pressure activate a specific potassium channel (KCNQ5) in blood vessels. KCNQ5, together with other potassium channels including KCNQ1 and KCNQ4, is expressed in vascular smooth muscle. When activated, KCNQ5 relaxes blood vessels, making it a logical mechanism for at least part of the hypotensive actions of certain botanical folk medicines.”

This is HOW many traditional herbal remedies for high blood pressure work.

They activate the potassium channel to lower blood pressure…

Some of these herbal remedies are lavender, fennel, and chamomile.

“Common herbs, including lavender, fennel, and chamomile, have a long history of use as folk medicines used to lower blood pressure.”

So, Big Pharma now knows HOW these plants work to lower blood pressure…

And they know that they DO lower blood pressure…

But they don’t want to market the plants or a derivative of the plants…

Because you can’t patent a plant.

Big Pharma is only interested in making a big fat profit…

This is the part of the study that REALLY jumped out at me.

Not a single one of the current treatments on the market uses this ancient methodology for treating hypertension.

“Interestingly, the KCNQ5-selective potassium channel activation feature found in the botanicals is lacking in the modern synthetic pharmacopeia…”

And, instead of using the plants our bodies have adapted to as a species over tens of thousands of years…

Big Pharma wants to make a treatment that mimics this same action.

“Our discovery of these botanical KCNQ5-selective potassium channel openers may enable development of future targeted therapies for diseases including hypertension and KCNQ5 loss-of-function encephalopathy…”

That’s exactly what the words “future targeted therapies” means.

And that’s why I said earlier that I wasn’t surprised.

We have proven plant remedies for high blood pressure and they use a mechanism that works to reduce hypertension in the body…

But instead of promoting those, Big Pharma is going to create yet another daily treatment that you will probably be advised to take for the rest of your life.

I’m not telling you to drop your meds without talking to your doc.

I’m not a medical professional and I can’t give you that advice. You must talk with your doctor.

However, if you do have high blood pressure, then you might do well to look toward lifestyle and natural remedies, because many of them work.

Ultimately, you have to take charge of your own health…

Do your research and be committed to living the best life you possibly can.

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KCNQ5 activation is a unifying molecular mechanism shared by genetically and culturally diverse botanical hypotensive folk medicines



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