Is marriage good for a man’s health?

Is marriage good for a man’s health?

I have long believed married men have it better than single men. 

If true, you expect married men are also healthier than single men.

Today, we’ll look at if that is true or not — despite all the jokes about “not getting any” once you get married — LOL.

This study surveyed 127,545 Americans to determine if married men are healthier than single men.

Or if married men are healthier than those whose marriages ended in divorce or the death of the wife.

And they found that married men do live longer than single guys.

Researchers noted that the longer the man’s marriage, the bigger the difference in his survival rate compared to unmarried men.

In fact, single men are three times more likely to die from cardiovascular disease than married men!

That is according to Japanese researchers who studied the cardiovascular disease among unmarried versus married men.

This study took information from 46,465 men aged 40-79 on the first day of their participation.

Then the researchers followed up with them after 9.9 years.

They found striking differences between married and unmarried men — all in the married men’s favor.

Single men reported more unemployment, less education, and more smoking than married men.

And single men had less interest in health screening than married men.

According to this study, the risk of mortality from any cause was two to three times higher in unmarried men.

This included death from not just cardiovascular disease, but also from respiratory or any other cause.

Unmarried men also reported they experienced less joyfulness, fulfillment and feeling less trusted more frequently.

Other studies also concluded that married men had a 46% lower rate of death than unmarried men.

And they found that even after taking major cardiovascular risk factors such as age, body fat, smoking, blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol into account.

And research found that marriage improves your chances of surviving cancer!

Prostate cancer is a particular concern for men — but married men have higher survival rates.

This study looked at prostate cancer survival among married versus unmarried men.

The researchers report that being in a satisfying marital relationship is important to prostate cancer survival.

Being in a good marriage is associated with longer median survival times in prostate cancer survivors.

One study reported married men seeking a diagnosis at an earlier stage.

They have a much higher chance of successful treatment in the earlier stages.

Since they find their cancer earlier, married men had a median survival rate of 69 months after diagnosis, compared to 38 months in single men.

That’s 31 months longer, more than two and a half years– and nearly double survival by unmarried men.

The benefits of being married don’t stop with cancer survival.

Marriage helps protect you from other health issues as well.

Married men have a lower risk of depression and are more likely to be happy in retirement than unmarried men.

And married men also take fewer dangerous risks than single guys, and consequently stay alive longer.

Alzheimer’s disease rates among married men are lower.

And they tend to have better blood sugar levels.

Plus, yet another reason why marriage is good is that hospitalized married men have statistically better outcomes.

It’s amazing when you think that just building a life with someone lengthens yours!

It appears that the companionship, care and support married men receive from our wives help in so many ways.

They keep us healthier, wealthier, and make us live longer than our unmarried peers.



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