Is DHT bad for men?

3 decades of scientific research turned on its head


Matt Cook here, and there are a lot of theories about DHT and what it does to a man’s testicles…

So I’m here to set the record straight.

Is it good? Is it bad? Is DHT causing testicular cancer?

Here’s what you need to know…

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Is DHT bad for men?

DHT is a primary male hormone which has been under attack for the last few decades.

This essential male factor has been blamed for prostate cancer and balding.

But the reality is that this is a very protective hormone.

Researchers investigating testicular cancer found that DHT lowers serotonin…

And that serotonin is the trigger for the growth of testicular cancer.

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The cell and animal experiments were carried out at Kyoto University of Medicine in Japan. The findings were published in Oncotarget.

Much of the alleged progress of science in the last two decades has been based on theories rather than facts.

One of these theories states that the androgen receptor has a role in triggering testicular cancer.

The androgen receptor is a cell receptor which is activated by the male hormone DHT.

IF this theory is correct, it means that DHT is a trigger for cancer.

This research set out to test that theory.

“The role of androgen receptor signaling in testicular germ cell tumor development has not been investigated.”

The researchers carried out a number of cell experiments followed by some animal tests.

Those experiments looked at the growth of testicular cancer cells when exposed to the male hormone DHT.

DHT actually slowed the growth of cancer cells.

“Growth of testicular cancer cells was suppressed by DHT treatment.”

Increasing androgen cell receptor signaling actually helped to suppress cancer growth – the opposite of the theory.

“We found that the androgen receptor signal suppressed the growth of seminomas, a type of testicular cancer cell, in animals and in cells.”

On the other hand, the growth of these cancer cells accelerated in castrated animals.

Castrated animals have almost no DHT – the results indicate that DHT suppresses the growth of this cancer.

“Reduction of androgen levels by surgical castration promoted cancer cell growth.”

So, DHT suppresses testicular cancer – and lowering DHT accelerates cancer growth.

The researchers were curious as to why this might happen.

So they looked at the effect of DHT on an enzyme which is closely linked to cancer.

This enzyme is called TPH1. It creates serotonin – another very much misunderstood hormone.

The researchers found that the serotonin producing enzyme was increased in cancer cells

Something seen in many types of cancer cells.

“TPH1 was highly expressed in testicular cancer tissues compared with normal tissues.”

Activating the androgen receptor – which is done by DHT – suppresses the serotonin producing enzyme.

This could be the mechanism by which male hormones block testicular cancer.

“Activation androgen receptor signaling reduced the expression of TPH1 in testicular cancer cells, lowering serotonin.”

Activating the androgen receptor is one of the most important roles for the natural male hormone DHT.

The researchers believe that DHT activation of the androgen receptor is required to prevent cancer.

“Silencing of androgen receptor signaling may cause the growth of this to kill cancer cells through increasing TPH1.”

The study shows that the scientific consensus over the last three decades is wrong.

We are told that DHT causes cancer…

In reality, DHT seems to prevent numerous types of cancer.

We are also told that serotonin is good for us.

We are told that it is “the happy hormone”.

In reality serotonin is inflammatory, it makes people depressed and aggressive, and is closely linked to cancer and obesity.

Most men should be looking to naturally boost their levels of DHT – while keeping serotonin down to a safe level.

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Androgen suppresses testicular cancer cell growth in vitro and in vivo