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Insane morning wood every day

There are a number of causes of poor rockiness, weak boners, and impotence. 

Most commonly, fibrosis (scar tissue in the penis) and altered hormone levels are at the root of these problems. 

Fibrosis is often caused by hormonal imbalances.

Psychological factors play a much smaller role than once believed.

There are a number of different ways that researchers and doctors use in order to assess things like poor rockiness. 

Questionnaires are commonly used and they are a good start.

But the most reliable diagnostic of non-psychological erections problems is using a device which measures night-time boners. 

Something called nocturnal penile tumescence.

Research looking at the effect of low testosterone versus testosterone replacement therapy found something amazing… 

Testosterone can almost double the most important metrics which objectively measure erections performance.

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This human study was carried out at the Veteran Affairs Medical Centre in Houston, Texas.

The findings were published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

It’s no great secret that men who have low testosterone report a number of major sexual problems. 

They lose sex drive and often lose the ability to achieve or maintain rockiness.

“Men with low testosterone usually have diminished libido and ‘penile’ dysfunction.”

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) generally improves these problems — according to what the men report.

“TRT in these men increase in sexual activity, erotic thoughts and self-reported nocturnal ‘rockiness.’”

Self-reported data is one thing — but the real objective data comes from analysis of night-time boners.

This is when psychological factors can be completely excluded and inaccuracies of self reporting are also removed from the picture.

This objective data can be collected using a device which attaches to the penis and keeps track of what goes on during sleep.

“The assessment of nocturnal penile tumescence provides an objective index of ‘penile’ capacity and is useful for differentiating different types of ‘penile’ dysfunction.”

This research was designed to get some of this objective data on the effects of testosterone and testosterone deficiency on erections capacity.

The researchers recruited 6 men with low testosterone for their study. 

All of the men went through two experiments where they had the erections measuring equipment attached during their overnight sleep.

In the first experiment, the men had recently been given an injection of testosterone. 

It was carried out a few days after the injection, when testosterone levels were highest.

The process was then repeated a couple of months later. 

The men had not received any supplemental testosterone in the intervening period and it was expected that their testosterone levels would be very low by now…

As they all had been diagnosed with low testosterone previously.

“Multi night sleep studies were conducted within one week and again within 7 to 8 weeks after each man had received a single 20 mg testosterone cypionate injection.”

The first thing the researchers did was to look at the actual levels of testosterone in the blood of the men when they carried out the experiments.

As expected, one week after testosterone injections, testosterone levels were much higher than they were in the same men 2 months later.

“Mean serum testosterone level 4-7 days after testosterone injection was 36 and it dropped to 2.3 after 7 to 8 weeks.”

The real interesting results from the experiments came from the measurements of night-time boners.

Men with higher testosterone had almost twice as many periods of erections during sleep.

“Significant declines in the number of episodes accompanied the fall in serum testosterone levels (from 3.7 down to 2.0).”

The maximum circumference of the rocky penis also declined massively. 

As testosterone levels dropped, the swelling of the penis decreased significantly.

“Maximum ‘rockiness’ circumference decreased from 24 down to 13 mm.”

The total amount of time the penis was rocky during sleep was also almost halved.

“Total tumescence time fell from 107 minutes to 55 minutes when testosterone levels were lower.”

The researchers also found a significant decrease in the strength of the rocky penis. 

The same men with lower testosterone had far weaker boners.

“Penile rigidity (buckling pressure) decreased from 770 down to 590 g.”

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Penile rigidity (firmness) decreased as testosterone levels dropped.

The research also tracked levels of DHT — another male hormone which is derived from testosterone. 

DHT is also independently shown to be important for rockiness.

When the men had higher testosterone levels, they also had higher levels of DHT.

The study shows clearly and objectively that low testosterone causes physiological erections problems which can be treated by appropriate testosterone replacement.

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Testosterone replacement therapy and sleep-related erections in hypogonadal men