Increasing taurine this way can prevent coronary artery disease in men

Handsome man in his 30s at home having a heart attack

You can boost taurine with this one food…


Did you know bacteria in your gut can lead to heart problems?

It’s true — and it’s often overlooked by doctors.

Fortunately, taurine can help protect the gut from bad bacteria by increasing stomach bile…

And that protects the heart as well.

And there’s one simple food you can eat to naturally raise taurine…

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Increasing taurine this way can prevent coronary artery disease in men

The bacteria which reside inside your body are the biggest threat to your health.

They live in the gut — at least they should.

But when bacteria leak from your gut into the rest of the body, they cause all manner of health problems.

Rogue bacteria circulating in the body cause heart disease and heart failure, among other things.

Cholesterol has numerous antibacterial effects — including catching the problematic pathogens and escorting them out of the body.

This is the main reason why people with cardiovascular troubles have high cholesterol — the cholesterol is protective against bacteria.

Bile acids are another factor which help keep down these toxic bacteria.

And bile acids are increased by something called taurine.

Unsurprisingly, higher taurine levels are protective against heart disease in people with high cholesterol.

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The human research was carried out at New York University School of Medicine.

The paper was published in the European Journal of Nutrition.

Taurine is a substance found in a number of different foods. You can get a little taurine from most animal proteins.

Sea scallops are exceptionally high in taurine. 

Many energy drinks also have quite a lot of taurine, as it helps to balance the stimulating effects of caffeine.

Taurine has many beneficial effects, most of which stem from the fact that it boosts bile acid. 

Bile acid helps to detoxify bacteria which cause inflammation and disease.

“Taurine, a molecule obtained from diet, is involved in bile acid conjugation, blood pressure regulation and anti-inflammation.”

The authors of this study wanted to find out whether levels of taurine in the blood had any relation to the risk of coronary heart disease.

The researchers used almost 450 medical records. Half of these people had been diagnosed with coronary heart disease.

All of the participants started the multiyear study before any diagnosis was made.

During this study, numerous blood samples are taken every two years.

Using this information, the researchers looked to see whether blood taurine levels could predict the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

“Taurine was measured in two yearly blood samples and averaged for a more reliable measurement of long-term taurine levels.”

The researchers found that taurine was particularly beneficial for people who had high cholesterol.

One of the reasons people have high cholesterol is that cholesterol seeks to detoxify problematic bacteria in the blood.

Bacteria which can cause heart disease.

“There was a significant inverse relationship with taurine and heart disease risk among people with high cholesterol.”

In those with high cholesterol, higher levels of taurine significantly lowered their risk of developing coronary heart disease.

In the high cholesterol group, people with the highest levels of taurine in the blood were over 60% less likely to receive a diagnosis of heart disease in the future.

“The findings suggest that taurine may be protective against heart disease among individuals with high serum cholesterol levels.”

I’ll bet that the reason these people had high cholesterol was because they had leaky gut – toxic bacteria were leaking into their bloodstream.

This toxic bacteria causes heart disease.

But higher levels of taurine will increase bile acids — something which can kill toxic bacteria — lowering the bacterial load.

Taurine is also shown to lower blood pressure and it can help with liver problems — other common issues caused by bacteria leaking from the gut.

Increasing taurine intake can be very beneficial for people with metabolic diseases which are caused by leaky gut syndrome.

Unfortunately, many people try to deal with these problems by forcing down cholesterol levels — which only has detrimental effects on health.

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Serum taurine and risk of coronary heart disease: a prospective, nested case-control study

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