I’m not going to take these for prostate problems

Here are the downsides of these two popular treatments that many doctors never mention…

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I’m not going to take these for prostate problems

Hey, Matt Cook here, and many men I work with suffer with inflamed prostate and lower urinary tract symptoms.

These are inflammatory problems often caused by underlying bacterial issues.

But medical theories about the harms of the male hormone DHT have led to the use of DHT-blocking treatments for these issues.

Though DHT does not cause these problems, the treatments can suppress the symptoms by other mechanisms.

Unfortunately, decreasing DHT has severe detrimental effects on men’s health.

These treatments cause erections problems and low testosterone as well as psychological problems which can persist long after their use has ceased.

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The human research was carried out at Boston University School of Medicine. The paper was published in Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation.

Five alpha reductase (5AR) is an enzyme which turns testosterone into its more potent cousin – DHT.

Treatments which block this enzyme are used to treat lower urinary tract symptoms.

“5AR (finasteride and dutasteride) have been proven useful in treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms related to benign prostatic hyperplasia.”

Many men using these treatments suffer from severe sexual and psychological problems.

“However, these inhibitors exert undesirable sexual side effects and, in some cases, these effects are persistent.”

But there is a lot of academic weight behind the theories involved here – and a lot of money depends on the sale of these treatments.

Many vested interests dispute the detrimental effects of these treatments.

“There is considerable disagreement with regard to whether the adverse side effects resolve with continuous treatment.”

This study was designed to look at the long-term effects of these treatments on male sexual health.

They compared a five alpha reductase inhibitor (finasteride)…

…against another treatment used for lower urinary tract symptoms which does not affect male hormones (tamsulosin).

“We investigated the long-term adverse effects of finasteride treatment in men with BPH on ‘penile’ function and to compare these adverse effects in men treated with the α1-adrenergic receptor blocker, tamsulosin.”

The researchers compared different groups of men who had been taking these different treatments

“470 men aged between 47 and 68 years were treated with finasteride (5 mg/day). 230 men aged between 52 and 72 years were treated with tamsulosin (0.4 mg).”

The researchers tracked the health of all of the men for about 4 years.

They tracked testosterone levels and the existence and degree of erections problems.

“At intervals of 3 months t, plasma testosterone levels and the international index of ‘penile’ function (IIEF-EF) questionnaire scores were determined.”

The research showed that the five alpha reductase inhibitors led to sexual problems.

The questionnaire assessing erections problems showed a decrease in sexual performance and satisfaction in men taking this class of DHT-lowering treatment.

“Long-term treatment with finasteride therapy is associated with worsening of ‘penile’ dysfunction as shown by the significant decrease in the IIEF-EF scores in men treated with finasteride.”

However, men taking the other treatment, which works by a different mechanism, do not experience a hit on their sexual performance.

“No worsening of ‘penile dysfunction’ was observed in men treated with tamsulosin.”

What is even worse is that the effects of five alpha reductase inhibitors can last long after men stop taking the treatments.

(There are ways to fix this problem if you know what you are doing…)

“The increase in ‘penile dysfunction’ due to finasteride did not resolve.”

The study also showed a drop in testosterone levels in men taking five alpha reductase inhibitors.

“Most importantly, long-term finasteride therapy resulted in reduction in total T levels, contributing to a state of hypogonadism.”

The other treatment had no effect on male hormones.

“On the contrary, no changes in T levels were noted in men treated with tamsulosin.”

DHT-blocking treatments used to treat lower urinary tract symptoms cause erections problems and low testosterone in men.

“Our findings suggest that in men with BPH, long-term finasteride therapy but not tamsulosin results in worsening of ‘penile dysfunction’ and reduces total T concentrations.”

These treatments are used because they lower DHT – and there are theories that DHT is bad for your health.

These theories are incorrect – and the long-term effects of decreasing DHT can lead to very severe health problems.

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Finasteride, not tamsulosin, increases severity of erectile dysfunction and decreases testosterone levels in men with benign prostatic hyperplasiahttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26053014/