I avoid this type of prostate screening – and here’s why

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I personally feel this screening is very, very harmful…

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I Avoid This Type of Prostate Screening – and Here’s Why

My stand on being screened for cancer is that I don’t get screened. If that bothers you, or if you think it is strange or it is harmful, read on.

I’ll show you how most prostate cancer will just stay put in the prostate until you die of other causes.

And why prostate screenings cause a ton of extra treatment that isn’t necessary and ruins men’s lives.

I know, because I hear the stories all the time.

Guys write in and tell me how terrible their bladder function and sexual function are after many of the prostate treatments that are available today.

They’re miserable and frustrated…

And that’s understandable, because a lot of the time doctors and surgeons will just brush over the side effects of these procedures in a rush to “get it out.”

I’m not telling you not to get screenings. You and your doctor have to decide that.

What I am saying is that, to me, screening is just not worth the risk…

Especially since there is no evidence that these screenings actually prolong life.

But… Men do get prostate cancer.

Since I’m a man – and therefore I have a prostate – I’m at risk.

So I choose to do what I can to prevent the cancer from forming in the first place.

It turns out that one of the risk factors for prostate cancer is insulin resistance – or diabetes and pre-diabetes.

These conditions OFTEN occur together

When I started working with men who struggle with ED, I noticed a weird pattern…

Guys over 40 who had ED often also had coexisting conditions.

(Young guys with ED often have different underlying causes).

Sometimes ED occurs with high blood pressure and other times with metabolic disorders such as insulin resistance.

But it’s not at all unusual for guys to have a “bundling” of diseases.

And the same is true of prostate cancer – which often goes together with insulin resistance.

“…and men in the highest tertile of insulin resistance or beta-cell function had a more than twofold risk of prostate cancer…”

Double is a BIG risk jump!

So why is it that insulin resistance is linked with higher rates of prostate cancer?

Could it be the stuff we’re eating that’s causing this connection?

This study was done in China, where there has been an observation that following a Western-style diet – like what many people eat here in America – is also linked to an increased rate of prostate cancer.

“The observed insulin resistance effect provides a plausible biologic explanation for the long-standing observation that “Westernization” is associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer…”

Based on my experience, I would definitely say that a “Western” style diet that’s full of highly processed foods and PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids) causes loads of internal inflammation.

And that inflammation causes insulin resistance, weight gain, and a higher risk for prostate cancer – as well as other “aging” related chronic diseases.

I’ve seen MANY men get rid of the causes of internal inflammation, reverse diabetes and prediabetes – and end up with their prostate bothering them MUCH less.

When you reverse internal inflammation, your body automatically becomes more sensitive to insulin – AND you reduce your risk of prostate cancer.

If you start eating more real food and drop some of the processed foods – especially if you add plenty of ripe fruit – you can often start to reverse the inflammation response in your body.

And when you do that, you increase your sensitivity to insulin and DECREASE your risk of prostate cancer…dramatically.

“…men in the highest tertile of insulin sensitivity had a 65% reduction in risk of prostate cancer…”

The bottom line here is that if you’re body is more sensitive to insulin, you are MUCH LESS likely to get prostate cancer or diabetes.

So, the approach I take to prostate health is preventative.

What I hope to accomplish is to keep my internal inflammation low and keep my body free from these “aging” diseases such as insulin resistance.

That way I can skip the screenings and the potentially horrible treatments and just go on living my life.

I think it’s a good approach and it saves me a ton of hassle. It probably would for you as well.

To your health!

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