How vegetable and fish oil clogs arteries and causes erectile dysfunction

Cholesterol was the demon of medicine for 40 years.

It’s finally coming out how amazingly valuable cholesterol truly is.

A big mystery though is why clogged arteries seem to be lined with plaque that contains large amounts of cholesterol.

After all, it was the observation that artery plaque contains a lot of cholesterol that led to the supposed dangers of cholesterol being trumpeted by medical authorities.

Quite wrongly.

Just a few things about cholesterol that you need to know.

One thing is that cholesterol is the basic substance from which all sex hormones come from.

That includes our beloved testosterone, as well as progesterone and DHT and at least 100 other hormones.

But this study addresses what happens to cholesterol that turns it into the plaque lining arteries and clogging them up.

How vegetable and fish oil clogs arteries and causes erectile dysfunctionIt’s about time somebody studied this more. You would think they had studied this a lot, but they haven’t.

We’re told that LDL cholesterol is the “bad” cholesterol but we’re not told anything else.

As the author of the study says:

The delivery of cholesterol to cells by low-density lipoprotein (LDL) has hitherto been unstudied

So he studies this transportation of cholesterol, and he finds out that PUFAs play a huge role in making cholesterol dangerous.

Step 1 – the cholesterol combines with PUFA.

Step 2 – the cholesterol-PUFA is HIGHLY toxic but the liver “can’t tell” that it’s toxic, so the liver handles it like it would handle any other cholesterol.

Step 3 – the cholesterol-PUFA is sent to the cells lining the gut, lining the arteries and lining the penis; the endothelial cells.

But the cholesterol-PUFA poisons them instead of helping them.

Step 4 – damaged cells lining the arteries/gut/penis then spill out dangerous lipid peroxides.

Step 5 – the lipid peroxides, in turn, break down in a process like suicide. They “kill” themselves and release massively dangerous iron ions.

Step 6 – the iron ions poison every molecule they come in contact with.

It boils down to the damage from these cholesterol-PUFA LDLs poisoning the cells lining our insides — especially the arteries feeding the heart, the gut, and the penis.

thus explaining why inflammatory diseases, such as diabetes, are combined with atherogenesis.

So this solves one of the big mysteries of why people with diabetes often also have clogged arteries and erectile dysfunction.

Cholesterol isn’t the culprit. PUFAs are.

And one of these days, I’m going to show you a benefit of fish that has nothing to do with fish oil.

This is called furan oil.

Furan oil is incredibly helpful in reversing this cholesterol-PUFAs LDL disaster.

Furan oil is present in fish, but it is not fish oil.

Fish oil is harmful — it’s a PUFA.

Furan oil is incredibly valuable and probably is the reason that eating fish and seafood is protective.

So if you’re going to eat fish, which I highly recommend, consider eating shrimp, scallops, and lean fish, not fatty fish.

You’re going to be getting the benefits of furan oil, without the PUFAs that are so dangerous.

PUFAs are stored in the body fat because they’re very dangerous and the body tries to store them away to render them less damaging.

But it takes a long time for that stored PUFA to be released and metabolized.

Some say the process takes four years or longer.

In the meantime, consuming fish, shrimp and seafood can be very protective through its furan oil.

But only if you avoid PUFAs religiously.


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