How to use your brain’s calcium network to improve penile blood flow

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This is really crazy cool

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How to use your brain’s calcium network to improve penile blood flow

Most people think that you need calcium to have strong bones, and that’s true.

But we’re learning now that calcium plays many other roles in the body and that it’s an essential mineral for human health.

Unfortunately the important roles calcium plays aren’t making headline news.

There isn’t a lot of profit in Big Pharma or the medical establishment promoting the intake of more calcium.

That means that the best place to get this information is my newsletter, so that you know about stuff like this because Big Pharma isn’t going to tell you and your doctor probably doesn’t know.

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In a study from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, researchers found a novel way calcium is used in the brain to direct blood flow.

The brain is still very much a mystery to science — although we are getting better at understanding it all the time.

Until this study, researchers didn’t know how the brain went about getting enough blood supply where it was needed.

Unlike the rest of the body, there is not enough real estate in the brain for stored energy. Instead, the brain relies on the hundreds of miles of blood vessels within it to supply fresh energy via the blood. Yet, how the brain expresses a need for more energy during increased activity and then directs its blood supply to specific hot spots was, until now, poorly understood.

The reason this is so important to understand is that when the brain doesn’t get the blood flow where it needs to be, the neurons become stressed.

Over time that can cause conditions like dementia and Alzeihmer’s.

If the brain does not get blood to where it needs it when it needs it, the neurons become stressed, and over time they deteriorate ultimately leading to cognitive decline and memory problems.

There are two ways that the brain seems to make the blood go where it’s needed the most.

One is electrical signals and the other is calcium. These happen together, but they serve different purposes.

“The first electrical mechanism is like a crude sledgehammer approach to get more blood to the general vicinity of the increased brain activity by controlling the medium-sized arterioles, and then capillary calcium signals ensure exquisite fine-tuning to make sure the blood gets to exactly the right place at the right time through the tiny capillaries.

The researchers used technology that made mice’s brain blood vessels glow green when exposed to calcium.

Then they looked at their brain’s through little windows and what they found was a whole network of active calcium signals in the brain!

They detected 5,000 calcium signals per second in the capillaries in the tiny section of brain visible through the window, which they say amounts to about 1,000,000 of these responses each second in the entire brain’s blood vessel system.

Personally, I think this is really cool.

And it shows that having the right composition of minerals in our bodies is hugely important.

Your body is clever, if you don’t have the right composition of minerals it will find them where it can, and it normally gets calcium from your bones.

“Until we deployed this new technology, there was this wholly unseen world of calcium signaling in the brain hidden from view, and now we can see a ton of activity within the brain’s blood vessels — they are constantly firing,” says Dr. Longden.

It’s amazing how active this hidden calcium network is and how much it can affect the health of our brains.

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