How to use testosterone to boost your wife or girlfriend’s libido

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Here’s how it works…

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How to use testosterone to boost your wife or girlfriend’s libido

Testosterone is known as a man’s hormone, and when guys have enough of it they build muscle more easily and have much higher sex drives.

But women also produce testosterone (just like men also produce estrogen).

It’s in much smaller quantities than what men produce, but it’s part of what happens.

Some people say that taking testosterone can help women feel strong and sexy — especially if they are over the age of 51 or so and into menopause.

It’s at this age when sex drive for women often drops by a lot and sometimes becomes completely non-existent.

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The problem with sex drive after menopause is something I hear a lot about from men.

Guys often get discouraged that their wives or partners just don’t want to have sex anymore, and sex after menopause can even become painful for some women.

I have personally found that changing the type of sex that I have from what I call “reproductive type” sex to Nirvana Sex makes a HUGE difference in how much sex my partner wants.

We typically have intercourse 3 to 4 times a week for 45 minutes to an hour. I’m not saying that to brag, but to let you know what’s possible.

My experience isn’t unusual.

When guys start practicing Nirvana Sex they often tell me that their women become sexually “alive” for the first time in years and are even initiating sex some of the time!

Men are thrilled with this often dramatic change. I know I was when it happened to me.

That’s all good news, but let’s get back to the subject at hand: testosterone.

Can testosterone actually help with a woman’s sex drive? It seems weird, but what do the studies say?

The answer is probably yes, but if you go this route she has to be VERY careful with the quantities because testosterone can be VERY masculinizing for women…

Just like estrogen can be feminizing for men.

In a study done on 428 women the researchers DID find a strong correlation between low testosterone levels and low sex drive.

After adjusting for psychosocial factors, women with low sexual desire had significantly lower mean levels of free testosterone and androstenedione compared with women without low sexual desire. None of the androgens were associated with FSD in general or with HSDD in particular.

Another study of 326 women showed similar results.

Decreased libido in the late reproductive years is associated with a pronounced fluctuation in total testosterone over time. Other independent risk factors for decreased libido include vaginal dryness, depression, and living with children. 

Replacing testosterone DOES seem to help women have much better libidos overall.

“TRT has been shown to be effective for improving libido, sexual desire, arousal, sexual frequency, and sexual satisfaction in women.” 

The problem is that there are not a ton of studies on this…

And almost all testosterone given to women has to be done off-label and dramatically reduced in quantity from what is normally given to men.

I’ve seen women benefit from very small doses of replacement testosterone when it comes to sex drive and making sex comfortable again.

But hormone replacement therapy is NEVER without risks.

So it’s better to try alternatives first — like Nirvana Sex…

If your woman does decide to try to get replacement testosterone therapy, it’s always a good idea to watch for potential side effects and work closely with your doctor on dosage.

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