How to use taurine for fat loss

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Taurine not only burns fat… It stops the body from storing fat too. Here’s how to use it…

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How to use taurine for fat loss

Taurine is an interesting compound that is found in small amounts in animal foods.

In recent years, scientists have discovered many benefits we can get from increased taurine intake.

Taurine helps with blood sugar regulation and many of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

Research shows it can improve some Parkinson’s symptoms.

Japanese research shows that taurine is probably the single most effective supplement for high blood pressure.

Recent research has shown that taurine could be very effective at preventing fat gain.

Animal experiments show that it may even help with fat loss.

Anti-obesity effect of taurine

These researchers carried out mouse experiments at the Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The journal Amino Acids published the results.

Taurine has many roles in the body.

Many of its metabolic functions have only been discovered in recent years.

“Taurine has been investigated as a beneficial molecule to reduce metabolic dysfunctions such as dyslipidemia, insulin resistance, and hyperglycemia.”

These metabolic problems are usually associated with fat gain and obesity.

So researchers became curious about the effects of taurine on body fat.

“…the anti-obesity effect of taurine has attracted much interest from many researchers as a potentially safe agent to reduce weight in the era of global obesity.”

Obesity research usually begins with mouse experiments.

Researchers know the effect of different types of food on lab mice.

So these researchers conducted some obesity experiments on mice, looking at the effects of taurine.

“This study was conducted to evaluate the anti-obesity effects of long-term taurine supplementation in a mild obese mouse model.”

The researchers used 30 mice (3 groups of 10).

They gave one group of mice a normal diet.

And they gave Group 2 and Group 3 a high-fat diet that consistently makes mice obese.

In addition, they gave Group 3 taurine with their high-fat diet.

The researchers then compared the three groups of mice over a period of seven months on the experimental diets.

“…three groups of mice were fed a normal diet, a high-fat diet, or a high-fat diet supplemented with 2% taurine in drinking water for 28 weeks.”

The results showed that taurine has a definite anti-obesity effect.

“Taurine supplementation showed an anti-obesity effect in mice fed a high-fat diet.”

The addition of taurine to the high-fat diet led to less body fat for the mice.

“Long-term taurine supplementation causes weight loss.”

The mice weighed about 10% less when given taurine with the high-fat diet.

Body fat levels significantly lowered in the animals supplemented with taurine.

Mice taking taurine with a high-fat diet also had more muscle mass than mice on the high-fat diet alone.

But taurine did not seem to increase activity in the mice.

The researchers studied a number of different genes that are responsible for creating new fat cells.

The analysis of those genes showed that taurine decreases the production of new fat cells.

The experiment showed that taurine seems to prevent the formation of body fat, rather than increasing fat burning.

Body fat can be increased in a few ways. And one of these is the creation of new fat cells.

Fat cells are called adipocytes. And the creation of fat cells is called adipogenesis.

Taurine prevents the creation of new fat cells (adipogenesis).

“Long-term taurine supplementation causes weight loss, most likely by inhibiting adipogenesis.”

These experiments show that long-term taurine supplementation could lower body fat – or at least prevent fat gain.

Taurine seems to work in a different way from most other fat-lowering interventions.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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