How to use methylene blue for hearing problems

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This one energy-boosting supplement has a long list of ear benefits


Hearing loss isn’t just caused by loud noises or freak accidents with a Q-tip.

There are actually metabolic reasons why you may suddenly suffer hearing loss.

And that’s why methylene blue is so powerful — it can stimulate the mitochondria and treat hearing loss naturally.

You just have to use it the right way…

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How to use methylene blue for hearing problems

A lot of people develop hearing loss from concerts or from workplace noise with inadequate ear protection.

But did you ever notice that other people who may be standing right next to those who develop hearing loss have no problems whatsoever?

Extremely loud noises are a trigger for hearing loss — but they’re not the only factor.

And it’s not genetics which determines who is more susceptible to this type of hearing loss.

The ability of your mitochondria to produce energy could determine whether or not your hearing becomes damaged.

The protective effect of energy is seen all throughout the body — not just in the inner ear.

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The animal experiments were carried out at Ajou University School of Medicine, Suwon, Korea.

The findings were published in the journal Cell Death and Disease.

Your body contains vast amounts of tiny biochemical engines called mitochondria.

These mitochondria use fats and sugars to generate energy.

But there are numerous different ways that mitochondria can produce energy — some more efficient than others.

Methylene blue is one of the oldest chemical medicines.

One of the things that it does is help mitochondria to produce energy in an extremely efficient manner.

A little methylene blue can lead to a massive increase in energy production.

This increase in energy production helps the body to protect all of its functions.

In these experiments, Korean researchers exposed mice to very loud white noise — designed to cause hearing damage.

But some of the mice had been given a little methylene blue beforehand.

The mice who had been given the energy boosting supplement had significantly less hearing loss.

“In this study, we discovered that mice pretreated with methylene blue had significant protection against cochlear injury by intense broadband noise.”

Hearing loss is a tricky thing.

It can be measured in a number of different ways, by looking at frequency and degree of hearing loss.

Methylene blue limited the range of frequencies affected by exposure to very loud noise.

The supplement also mitigated the degree of hearing loss.

“Methylene blue decreased both compound threshold shift and permanent threshold shift.”

In simple terms, hearing tests showed that methylene blue had a number of protective actions against hearing loss.

During hearing loss there is damage to the inner ear.

We lose microscopic hairs inside a part of the inner ear called the cochlea.

Methylene blue limited the structural damage caused by loud noise to the inner ear.

“Methylene blue reduced inner ear cell death in the cochlea.”

The researchers believe that methylene blue partly acts by reducing oxidative stress — something which can occur when the body is stressed but energy is limited.

“The overproduction of reactive oxygen species contributes to noise induced hearing loss. Methylene blue reduced reactive oxygen species after noise exposure.”

The researchers carried out a number of other experiments.

In these experiments, they exposed the animals to a number of chemicals which are also known to cause hearing loss.

The researchers believe the mechanisms which cause hearing loss are similar whether noise-induced or caused by these chemicals.

Methylene blue prevented cell death in the inner ear which would otherwise be triggered by these chemicals which damage hearing.

“Methylene blue protected against rotenone and antimycin A chemically induced cell death.”

The researchers also investigated the fundamental function of methylene blue – energy production.

The final step of efficient energy production takes place in a part of the mitochondria called complex five.

Impairment of complex five will cripple your energy production — leaving you open to hearing loss and any other type of damage to the body.

Exposure to extremely loud noises causes harm to complex five — but this was prevented by methylene blue.

“Methylene blue effectively attenuated the noise-induced impairment of complex five in the cochlea.”

The fundamental role of methylene blue is in protecting energy production when the body is under stress.

This allows the body to shield and repair the inner ear and other parts of the body.

A drop of methylene blue might help prevent some hearing loss — but improving your overall energy production can protect all aspects of your health throughout your life.

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Attenuation of noise-induced hearing loss using methylene blue

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