How to use glycine to fix common gut problems in men

Glycine blocks the toxic effects of bad bacteria in the gut

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Matt Cook here, and most health problems begin in the gut.

That’s why I’m such a big fan of glycine.

It can fix common gut problems while helping you shed stubborn belly fat, boost metabolism, and even lower blood pressure.

It’s a powerhouse of a supplement and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

So here’s how to use it for maximum benefit…

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How to use glycine to fix common gut problems in men

Glycine is the primary anti-inflammatory, healing component of gelatin and collagen proteins.

These natural foods contain up to 30% glycine weight – and this makes them remarkable health foods.

Glycine decreases numerous stress chemicals which are produced in the body.

The knock on effects can be quite dramatic.

For example, glycine can prevent increases in blood sugar while decreasing body fat and helping the body to produce more energy.

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These animal experiments were carried out at Instituto Nacional de Cardiología Ignacio Chávez in Mexico. The findings were published in The American Journal of Physiology.

There are few health problems which are not related to the gut.

Gut bacteria can get out of control and begin to leak into the rest of the body.

These out-of-place toxic bacteria affect cells, preventing them from producing energy properly.

This leads to a myriad of “metabolic” health problems.

These health problems include high blood pressure, obesity and blood sugar dysregulation.

Normally these gut problems are caused by fat in the diet, or complex fibers – both feeding the disease causing bacteria.

But this same problem can also be replicated by drinking massive amounts of sugar water.

(This is not the same as eating natural, high-sugar foods like fruit and honey – not even close.)

In these experiments, researchers looked at the effect of glycine on metabolic problems caused by drinking massive amounts of sugar water.

The experiments tracked metabolic factors in a number of different groups of rats.

One group of rats only had access to water which contained 30% sugar by weight.

This extremely high sugar content without any fiber or macronutrients leads to an explosion of bacteria in the stomach.

These bacteria in the stomach leak into the rest of the body causing metabolic problems.

Another group of rats was given the same 30% sugar water – but this time the water also had 1% glycine.

Blood pressure was 25 points lower in rats who were given supplemental glycine.

“The addition of 1% glycine to drinking water markedly reduced high blood pressure from 147 to 122.”

So what is happening here?

The sugar water is causing an explosion in bacteria which leak into the rest of the body.

These bacteria cause inflammation which has knock on effects – increasing blood pressure.

Glycine is having an anti-inflammatory effect – canceling out much of the inflammation caused by these gut bacteria.

The study also found that the addition of glycine lowered triglycerides and those animals had smaller fat cells.

Animals given glycine also had far less belly fat – belly fat is a key sign of bacterial problems.

“Decreases in intra-abdominal fat were observed in rats treated with glycine compared to the other rats.”

Rats who were not given glycine had 2.5x more belly fat.

Glycine also decreased free fatty acids.

These are fats which circulate in the blood and prevent sugar from entering the cell – a major cause of high blood sugar.

“Free fatty acids were significantly decreased with glycine intake.”

Finally, this study showed an increase in mitochondrial respiration – the efficient production of energy by the cell.

Glycine was blocking the toxic effects of pathogenic bacteria on energy creation.

“Mitochondrial respiration increased in sucrose fed rats treated with glycine.”

Through its anti-inflammatory effect, glycine can break the chains linking metabolic problems like obesity with high blood pressure.

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