How to unlock the dirty fantasy your woman is craving

Do you know the #1 fantasy almost every woman craves?

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—-Important Message From Adam Armstrong—-

The dirty fantasy your woman craves (but will never tell you about)

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Listen, if you can make this fantasy a reality for your woman…

She’ll completely LOVE you for it…

She’ll be completely addicted to your Manhood (and she’ll worship you every night).

You see, when you make THIS fantasy a reality for your woman:

  • It shows her that you’re healthy, strong and virile (and great “mating material”)

And also proves to her that:

  • You find her incredibly sexy and attractive (which is a major “turn on” for her)

The only problem is — most men are failing miserably at giving their women this particular fantasy…

…(causing her sex-drive to decrease, and her mind to wander — so now she’s thinking of other men…)

So here’s a simple way to make sure you’re always giving your woman what she really wants from you in bed


Add decades to your life with this one simple vitamin?

A few decades ago, some within the scientific community were convinced that genes could predict everything about the outcome of human life…

…including health and longevity.

Since then that group has had to concede that the environment (everything that is not genes) plays a massive role in outcomes.

But that is not to say that genes are not at all important.

As the technology for genetic analysis improves we see that it shows us things that we have known for a long time.

A recent gene analysis study indicated that the animal form of vitamin A could play a role in human longevity.

These types of studies mean little on their own…

…but in this case there is a vast amount of evidence showing the benefits of real vitamin A in the real world.

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The article was researched at Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University in China. The paper was published in BioMed Research International.

This was a Mendelian randomization study, a rather complex method for analyzing gene/environment interactions.

It focused on the role of antioxidant nutrients in the human diet.

Antioxidants include nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

“Previous observational studies have reported that circulating antioxidants are associated with reduced mortality but the association of long-term circulating antioxidant exposure with longevity is still unclear.”

The researchers wanted to analyze the interaction between genes and these types of nutrients.

They wanted to predict what kind of effect they may have on human longevity.

The researchers used the most up-to-date human genetic research databases.

“Genetic instruments for circulating antioxidants and antioxidant metabolites were identified from the largest up-to-date genome-wide association studies.”

They looked at how people in the databases handled these nutrients according to their genetic profiles.

They included data on how long these people lived.

They also included how long their parents lived – which is relevant because their parents provided their genes.

Genetic data from over 30,000 people was used in the research.

“Summary statistics of these instruments with individual survival to the 90th vs. 60th percentile age and parental lifespan were extracted.”

The researchers carried out numerous standard statistical analysis variations in order to come up with the most accurate results.

“The causal effect was estimated using the inverse-variance weighted method in the main analysis and complemented by multiple sensitivity analyses to test the robustness of results.”

They found that a metabolite of the animal form of vitamin A was predictive of a longer life.

Vitamin A may be responsible for a 7% increased likelihood of longevity.

“We found that genetically determined higher concentration of circulating retinol (vitamin A) metabolite was casually associated with a higher odds of longevity (Odds ratio,1.07).”

The results were supported by the data which came from the parents of those whose genetic codes were used in the study.

“Higher concentration of retinol (from vitamin A) was also associated with increased parental lifespan.”

Vitamin A is one of those crucial nutrients that most people do not get enough of these days.

You can get some from meat, dairy, and eggs. But you really only get a large dose from foods like beef liver.

Food fortification is completely insufficient in terms of vitamin A sufficiency…

…and many people are taking supplements which they think are vitamin A but really aren’t.

(Plant based compounds sold as vitamin A do not convert into real vitamin A in any significant amount and will actually lower vitamin A activity in larger doses).

As genetic science improves we can expect it to tell us what we already know.

In this case, that real vitamin A is essential for human health and longevity.

“Conclusions: Long-term higher exposure to retinol metabolite is causally associated with longevity in the general population.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Association between Circulating Antioxidants and Longevity: Insight from Mendelian Randomization Study[End Docuemnt]