How to store more rocket fuel in your penile member

More rocket fuel means stronger, longer-lasting erections for men

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How to store more rocket fuel in your penile member

Most men suffer with sexual problems at some point in their life.

The old explanation was that poor erections and impotence were due to problems with the mind – a psychological issue.

But recent research has shown that psychological issues play a very minor role in impotence and poor rockiness.

Hormones can play a role.

Low testosterone, imbalances in other masculine hormones, and particularly elevated prolactin can all cause male sexual problems.

But the most common cause of male sexual problems is changes to the structure of the penis.

Various injuries can cause inflammation leading to fibrosis.

This causes degeneration of structures inside the penis which makes achieving and maintaining erections difficult to near-impossible.

But once you understand the biochemistry underlying this problem it is possible to properly deal with the root cause once and for all.

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The human research was carried out at Washington Hospital Center, DC. The paper was published in the Journal of Urology.

The researchers carried out experiments on sixteen men.

Eleven of those men had been diagnosed with impotence.

Scientists carried out high-tech scans on the penises of all the men.

The scans focused on an area called the corpora cavernosa – this is a sponge-like tissue that makes up the main body of the rocky penis.

It has vast numbers of tiny caverns which fill with high pressure blood – causing rockiness.

“The corpora cavernosa of 5 normal and 11 impotent living men were studied by electron microscopy.”

The researchers found significant problems in this area of the penis in more than 40% cases of impotence.

Significant structural changes were obvious at the basal lamina – a structure around the outer part of the corpora cavernosa.

The researchers also found a distinct lack of contractile filaments – muscle fibers which are used to pull structures together.

These are essential for constricting the part of the penis which maintains the high pressure needed for rockiness.

Another important finding was that there was almost no fuel stored in this part of the penis.

There was no glycogen (sugar) nearby in order to fuel the work needed to achieve rockiness.

“42% of the smooth muscle cells from corporeal tissues of impotent men showed a pronounced thickening of the basal lamina, a paucity of dense bodies and contractile filaments, minimal or no glycogen and fewer vesicles on the cell surface.”

These problems existed more than 40% of the time in men with impotence.

But only 1 in 20 sexually healthy men showed any signs of these problems.

“Only 5.4% of the smooth muscle cells from normal men showed similar alterations.”

These are just some of a number of structural changes which can be caused by dietary and other stresses…

Leading to erections problems and impotence.

Yet looking at just this small subsection of structural problems…

…you can see the physical differences between men with sexual problems and those without.

“These differences were statistically significant.”

The researchers also asked the men to quantify the degree of their sexual dysfunction.

The degree of sexual problems was related to the structural changes found inside the penis.

“The percentage of altered smooth muscle cells in corporeal tissues of impotent men was proportional to the severity of symptoms and clinical findings.”

The researchers believe that early scanning of the penis can help to detect these problems sooner.

But I think it is more important to note that these problems exist – what kind of problems they are – and that they can be fixed.

“These findings suggest the need for early detection of corporeal tissue degeneration by preoperative biopsy to assist in better selection of candidates for a penile vascular operation.”

As I have written about in my newsletters…

The structural changes which cause poor erections and impotence are already well understood.

In most cases it is already possible to use nutritional and lifestyle modifications to reverse the biochemical causes of the sexual problems and eventually reverse the problem itself.

“They also may contribute to the development of new therapeutic modalities for ‘rockiness problems.’”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Clinical significance of ultrastructural findings in the corpora cavernosa of normal and impotent men