How to stop fibrosis in the body (especially in the male member)

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Fibrotic tissue builds up in the arteries and hurts blood flow — but THIS fixes it

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How to stop fibrosis in the body (especially in the male member)

Fibrosis is the growth of connective tissue — its purpose is to repair damage to the body.

As with any process, fibrosis can get out of control. When this happens people can develop fibrotic disease.

Fibrotic diseases are relatively common. 

Fibrotic diseases include:

Pulmonary fibrosis in the lung, cirrhosis of the liver, arterial stiffness of the blood vessels, interstitial fibrosis in the heart, scleroderma of the skin and Crohn’s disease in the gut.

Thyroid hormone is one of the main regulators of fibrosis, and optimizing this hormone can help keep this scarring process under control.

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These animal and cell experiments were carried out at the Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas “Alberto Sols”, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain.

The results were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy Of Sciences of the USA.

The researchers were interested in the relationship between the thyroid hormone T3 and TGF-β.

TGF-β is a protein which triggers fibrosis. When this protein becomes overactive it can lead to fibrotic disease.

The researchers carried out a number of cell experiments followed by experiments in live mice.

The cell experiments showed that thyroid hormone is able to block the action of TGF-β. 

Meaning it should help to keep fibrosis in check.

“Thyroid hormone through binding to its nuclear receptors (TRs), is able to antagonize transcriptional activation by TGF-β/SMAD.”

After analyzing the effect of thyroid hormone on these proteins in the cells, the researchers moved on to animal experiments.

The researchers created fibrotic liver disease in mice.

The mice were given a compound called carbon tetrachloride which causes liver fibrosis.

“Liver fibrosis was induced by carbon tetrachloride.”

Then some of the mice were given supplemental thyroid hormone.

The results of that experiment shows that thyroid hormone can help to prevent fibrosis — probably due to its effect on TGF-β.

“Liver fibrosis induced by carbon tetrachloride is attenuated by thyroid hormone administration to mice.”

The researchers then carried out a number of experiments on genetically modified mice. 

These mice were designed to be devoid of thyroid hormone receptors — the receptors which are activated by thyroid hormone.

Mice without thyroid hormone receptors accumulated excessive collagen protein. 

Excess collagen is the hallmark of fibrosis.

“Aged thyroid hormone receptor knockout mice spontaneously accumulated collagen.”

Thyroid hormones act on the thyroid hormone receptor — and without the action of the thyroid hormone receptor the animals become fibrotic.

Further proving the role of thyroid hormones in limiting fibrosis.

The researchers then carried out more animal experiments. This time they created a fibrotic disease of the skin.

Thyroid hormone proved effective at reducing fibrosis of the skin as well as the liver — showing a systemic, anti-fibrotic action.

“Furthermore, skin fibrosis induced by bleomycin administration is also reduced by the thyroid hormones.”

The researchers underlined the effect of thyroid hormones on their receptors in reducing and controlling fibrosis.

“These findings define an important function of the thyroid hormone receptors and suggest thyroid receptor activating compounds could have beneficial effects to block the progression of fibrotic diseases.”

The researchers wanted to push forward with finding other substances to activate the thyroid hormone receptors.

While the researchers were interested in developing new treatments, the findings have other implications.

Many people have suboptimal levels of thyroid hormone (T3).

Without enough of this hormone to activate the thyroid hormone receptors people can suffer with excessive fibrosis.

This can accelerate aging and increase the odds of fibrotic disease.

Optimizing thyroid hormone levels can help to keep fibrosis under control and may limit the damage caused by fibrotic diseases.

Younger people generally have better thyroid hormone status.

This is why children recover from injury without scarring (fibrosis), while older people develop the physical signs of fibrosis after injury.

Taking too much thyroid hormone can be dangerous — it’s about finding the optimal balance.

You should always consult a healthcare petitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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