How to stop addiction

How to stop addiction

I want to discuss addiction in this newsletter.

Specifically, I want to talk about how to stop addiction, and what addiction really is.

Addiction touches so many lives.

But there’s a simple supplement can help fix it.

Now, we’ve talked about this experiment before, but there’s plenty more to learn from it.

It’s a famous experiment called “rat park.”

Researchers compared two groups of rats.

The first group of rats were in a great social environment and having a good time.

The researchers found that these rats did not choose to consume what we would call recreational drugs.

The second group of rats were lonely and were not allowed to socialize and play with other rats.

These rats would gladly consume large amounts of recreational drugs.

So the researchers drew some conclusions based on these results.

It seems that drugs such as marijuana, alcohol, cocaine and others, are used by people when they have various deficiencies in their life.

These deficiencies could be nutritional, social, or an overabundance stress — or a deficiency in a peace of mind.

The deficiency we’ll talk about today is a type of nutritional deficiency.

This specific nutritional deficiency may cause most addictions.

And you can overcome addictions by correcting this deficiency.

So in this first study, I want to point out how it’s been shown that high levels of estrogen promote addictive behavior.

Estradiol impacts the endocannabinoid system in female rats to influence behavioral and structural responses to cocaine

Through some clever science, researchers tested the relationship between estrogen and addiction.

They used a powerful form of estrogen called estradiol.

They found that rats that were given the estradiol were more likely to become addicted to cocaine.

Rats that were not given the estradiol were not nearly as interested in cocaine.

The researchers conclude that:

Estradiol impacts behavioral addiction in female rats.

Now, it’s been observed that women are more likely to develop addictions than men.

They’re more likely to be compulsive drug abusers, gamblers, and shoppers than men are.

And perhaps the reason is that in general, women have higher estrogen levels than men do.

However, as men age, this changes.

Men end up with high levels of estrogen from the stress of aging, and the environment and nutritional problems.

This may be why older men may be more susceptible to addictive behavior than when they were younger.

They are suffering under the influence of high estrogen levels.

But there’s good news here too.

Another study shows a way out of this addictive behavior.

There is a simple, inexpensive and safe nutritional supplement called pregnenolone.

And researchers looked into how pregnenolone levels affect addictions.

Pregnenolone and Ganaxolone Reduce Operant Ethanol Self-Administration in Alcohol-Preferring P Rats 

In this study, researchers allowed rats to access alcohol.

They used what is called “self-administration,” which means that the rats could basically drink an alcoholic drink whenever they wanted.

Picture giving rats the option to drink as much scotch and soda as they want, and you get the idea.

Not surprisingly, they found that rats often became alcoholic, addicted to alcohol.

But, then the researchers administered pregnenolone to these rats.

And they found that the rat stopped being interested in drinking alcohol.

The pregnenolone builds up in the brain as allopregnanolone.

Allopregnanolone helps to raise mood.

These results indicate that pregnenolone dose-dependently reduces ethanol self-administration, suggesting that it may have potential as a novel therapeutic for reducing chronic alcohol drinking.

In fact, many studies show that all addiction is the same.

It could be addiction to sex or an addiction to drinking alcohol.

It could be an addiction to marijuana, gambling or even shopping — any addiction fires up the same centers in the brain.

And it turns out that people who are susceptible to becoming addicted may have low levels of allopregnanolone in their brain.

But you can correct that deficiency and the addiction.

Taking a pregnenolone supplement can reduce or eliminate the addiction.

Your body makes pregnenolone from cholesterol, but it’s easily supplemented.

Pregnenolone is available in almost everywhere in the world over the counter.

And pregnenolone administered as a powder pill seems to have amazing effects on reducing addiction — and doing so very safely.


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