How to not get sick from the air around you

When you breathe the sea air, you are breathing billions or even trillions of negative ions.

And when you’re indoors, in your office, you’re breathing billions or trillions of positive ions.

I wanted to do a newsletter on the effect of adding negative ions to your office or your house.

This is because negative air ions have HUGE benefits.

Let’s first look at a study where they added negative air ions into an office.

This was a double-blind study, which is the best kind of study.

In a double-blind study, researchers and study participants do not know who is receiving the studied item and who is not.

This makes the data far more reliable.

Over 100 people in an office were the study subjects.

And since this was a double-blind study, neither they nor the researchers knew what kind of ions they were getting.

No one knew what kind of ions they were getting.

Researchers fed these ions into an area and then monitored the office workers for mood and health.

Use of the negative air ion generator

increased the subjective rating of alertness, atmospheric freshness and environmental and personal warmth. Ions reduced the complaint rate for headache by 50% and also significantly reduced the number of complaints of nausea and dizziness.

Interestingly, the most intensely affected were night workers.

Apparently at night, negative ions have a much greater impact on health that they do during the day.

Nobody knows why.

Perhaps there are more positive ions in the office at night.

But in any event, the night workers had even greater improvement in health and well-being.

Can negative ions improve your health by preventing you from getting sick?

In this study, they did a very careful experiment on mice.

They looked at the effects of negative ions, positive ions, and a mixture of negative and positive ions.

The researchers introduced a mouse flu.

And they found that the mice that were exposed to negative ions had a much higher survival rate.

These mice also had far fewer symptoms.

High concentrations of positive ions increase the cumulative mortality rate of mice similarly challenged with influenza virus.

And  high concentrations of negative ions reduce the death rate in mouse influenza.

Why does air containing large amounts of negative ions prevent you from getting sick?

Why does it make you feel healthier?

The answer has to do with serotonin.

Serotonin is generated in huge quantities in the gut.

And it must be eliminated.

The serotonin is cycled into the lungs, during the respiratory process.

The lungs break down most of that serotonin.

It appears that negative air ions help the lungs to detoxify the serotonin.

Lower serotonin levels improve overall health and lower internal inflammation.

At the time they did these experiments, they did not have an easy, practical way to increase negative air ions at home or in the office.

But now we do.

This is a device that I personally use in my office, and it makes me feel a lot better. 

You might want to try a similar device in your home or office.

It’s called the negative ion generator.

It may greatly improve your health, and keep you from getting sick.


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