How to make any woman lust over you and only you

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—-Important Message From Shawn Haskell—-

How to make any woman lust over you and only you

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Did you know that 90% of guys on Tinder and Bumble and those types of apps never actually get laid through it?

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They made 1.4 billion off it in 2020.

See, these apps are designed to keep you in a loop of dread. It’s psychological.

It feels like you are working on getting a girl but 99% of men are getting the same results.

You get 1 match and every woman on there gets 50. How is that even fair?

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This is how to attract women in an instinctual way, using an age-old proven technique.

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This is the biggest lie about male testosterone

Testosterone has many benefits.

It is essential for mental well-being in men. Testosterone can help you feel calm and in control.

Testosterone is needed for cardiovascular and brain health – as well as to maintain muscle mass and leanness.

Long-term studies show that testosterone supplementation can make older, obese men with low testosterone lose weight and maintain that weight loss…

without losing muscle mass.

Optimizing testosterone can massively decrease death rates in men over 50 who have low testosterone.

And though many uninformed people may like to argue against this – the fact is that testosterone protects the prostate against inflammation and cancer.

I could go on and on about the research that I have covered over the years showing the near infinite benefits of optimizing testosterone levels.

But there has been a lot published in the media about negative psychological consequences of high testosterone.

Will increasing testosterone levels turn you into a psychopath, making you aggressive and unable to understand the needs of others?

The answer is quite simply no.

The evidence used to make those claims was based on very weak studies which have been disproven by stronger research.

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The review of human research was carried out at U.S. and Canadian universities. The paper was published in The Proceedings of The Royal Society Biology.

The authors of this study were interested in a particular aspect of the claims about testosterone and psychopathy – namely cognitive empathy.

This is the ability to understand the emotional state and needs of other people.

“The capacity to infer others’ mental states (known as ‘mind reading’ and ‘cognitive empathy’) is essential for social interactions across species.”

Without being able to understand the emotional state and needs of other people, we cannot interact in ways which are agreeable to others.

We can come across as cold, uncaring, and psychopathic.

Decreased cognitive empathy is also seen in some neurological conditions.

“Impairment of cognitive empathy characterizes psychopathological conditions such as autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia.”

It’s exactly this type of emotional deficit that has been reported in mass media as a cause of increased testosterone over the years.

Journalists and commentators have quoted results from studies which seem to show that testosterone decreases cognitive empathy.

They also talk about finger digit ratios – the difference in finger length ratio which has been attributed to testosterone exposure in utero.

“Previous studies reported that testosterone administration impaired cognitive empathy in healthy humans, and that a putative biomarker of prenatal testosterone exposure (finger digit ratios) moderated the effect.”

But when you take a look at the researchers used to support these claims you can see that it’s not very robust.

The results have been mixed and the studies were very small.

“Empirical support for the relationship has relied on small sample studies with mixed evidence.”

The authors of this study decided to look for stronger evidence. They combined data from different studies which included over 600 men.

The men were given supplemental testosterone and then tested on their cognitive empathy abilities.

“We investigated the reliability and generalizability of the relationship in two large-scale double-blind placebo-controlled experiments in young men (n = 243 and n = 400), using two different testosterone administration protocols.”

The data was designed to see whether testosterone decreased cognitive empathy…

…and if there was any relationship between finger digit ratios and this emotional capacity.

By far the largest study into this subject so far, it found that there is no relationship between testosterone levels and cognitive empathy.

The finger digit ratio effect on cognitive empathy also seems to be debunked by this evidence.

We find no evidence that cognitive empathy is impaired by testosterone administration or associated with digit ratios.”

This is by far the most powerful research into the topic so far – and at this time the scientific position holds that no…

…testosterone does not cause psychopathy.

“With an unprecedented combined sample size, these results counter current theories and previous high-profile reports, and demonstrate that previous investigations of this topic have been statistically underpowered.”

You should always consult your healthcare practitioner for guidance on medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Does testosterone impair men's cognitive empathy? Evidence from two large-scale randomized controlled trials