How to know if you need to supplement with T3

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It can be incredible for your health and performance — but only if you need it

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How to know if you need to supplement with T3

The active thyroid hormone T3 is needed for the production of energy in the cell.

Energy is required to keep the structure of the body healthy and intact.

Without enough T3, the structure of the body will suffer.

Low metabolism caused by inadequate thyroid hormone production causes disease and accelerated aging.

The effects of thyroid hormone on the structure of the body can even be seen in its effects on hair and skin.

Animals given thyroid hormone cream had rapid hair growth — and their thin skin regained its youthful fullness.

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The animal experiments were carried out at the Boston University School of Medicine in Massachusetts. The results were published in the journal Thyroid.

Hypothyroidism is the medical term given to the condition of low thyroid hormones.

But before doctors used the term hypothyroidism they called this condition myxedema.

This is a description of the swollen, thin skin seen in people with very low thyroid.

Both the swelling and the thinning of skin are caused by low energy.

Hypothyroidism is also well known to cause hair loss — particularly thinning of single hairs and of decreased hair density.

“The skin is a classic target tissue for thyroid hormone action. Although the histology of skin in hypothyroid states is well documented, the literature contains little assessment of skin in thyrotoxic states.”

A thyrotoxic state is just the opposite — where animals or people have too much thyroid hormone.

These experiments were designed to look at the effect of increasing thyroid hormone on skin and hair.

“In light of the paucity of information on skin under the influence of thyroid hormone, we investigated the direct effect of thyroid hormone on skin.”

The researchers carried out a number of different experiments on mice and rats.

In the experiments, the researchers used a thyroid one cream to deliver the hormone exactly where they wanted it.

The thyroid hormone cream increased hair growth and skin fullness.

“There was a dose-dependent increase in epidermal proliferation, dermal thickening, and hair growth in T3-treated animals.”

Hair density was increased by 42% in the mice!

There is no treatment that can do that reliably.

“Mice that received 3.8 mcg of T3 had 42% more hairs per millimeter than controls.”

Hair grew much faster and longer too.

Hair grows and falls out in cycles naturally. Thyroid makes hair grow faster and take longer to fall.

Animals given thyroid cream had 12 times longer hair!

“Mice that received T3 had hair that was 1,180% longer.”

Rats given the thyroid cream had much thicker, fuller skin.

“Rats receiving T3 had 48% greater dermal thickness and 26% greater epidermal thickness.”

The epidermal layer is the outer layer of skin. The dermal layer is the skin right underneath that.

Thickening both of these layers gives the skin a fuller, structured, youthful look.

The rats also experienced a significant increase in hair growth with thyroid cream.

“Rats receiving T3 had 85% more hairs per millimetre.”

The researchers did not expect to see such a massive effect from thyroid hormone on skin and hair health.

“Topically applied thyroid hormone has dramatic effects on both skin and hair growth.”

This treatment seems the most promising for skin and hair problems.

“These observations offer a new strategy for developing thyroid hormone and its analogues for treating disorders of skin and hair growth.”

You should have your thyroid fully checked out if you feel you are experiencing advanced ageing of skin and/or hair thinning.

While the active thyroid hormone T3 can be a miracle supplement in people with low thyroid — it can also be harmful to people who don’t need it.

You should always have your thyroid fully checked out before taking thyroid hormone supplements.

Changes in thyroid hormone treatment should always be overseen by a healthcare professional.

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