How to instantly turn her on – even if she’s mad at you

This triggers instant arousal in her

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—-Important Message From Shawn Haskell—-

Did you know that it’s possible to turn a woman on…even if she’s mad at you?

It’s true. And it’s actually simpler than you would think…

Behavioral psychologists have recently discovered a way to flood her brain with “arousal chemicals”…

And these are the same chemicals that are released right before and during nooky.

So regardless of how she’s feeling about you in the moment, all you need to do is use this simple trigger…

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…and her brain will automatically produce arousal chemicals…

…making her feel a deep level of attraction and arousal for you almost instantly!

So try this next time you have a fight with your wife or girlfriend and prepare for the most amazing make-up sex…


Sprinkle this spice on your food for naturally higher T

Ginger is one of the most renowned herbal remedies and “functional foods.”

Many people see ginger as a flavoring, or perhaps they’re aware that it can help with indigestion and or nausea.

But ginger does so much more than that.

The reason ginger helps with indigestion and nausea is because it lowers serotonin – one of the most harmful stress hormones.

Ginger also protects against lipid peroxidation. 

Lipid peroxidation is the breakdown of unstable fats in the body – byproducts of which cause a great deal of harm and disease.

Peroxidation causes damage to the testicles, leading to lower testosterone and decreased fertility.

Ginger mops up these peroxidation byproducts…

And animal experiments have shown that this can increase testosterone and sperm count.

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These animal experiments were carried out at the University of Lagos. The findings were published in the African Journal of Biomedical Research.

Malondialdehyde is a product of lipid peroxidation.

Lipid peroxidation is the breakdown of unstable fats…

Such as those contained in vegetable oil and fish oil.

These lipid peroxidation byproducts cause harm throughout the body.

Men with elevated lipid peroxidation byproducts are more likely to have lower testosterone and decreased fertility.

This study was designed to look at the effect of ginger on all of these parameters due to its ability to lower lipid peroxidation byproducts like malondialdehyde.

The researchers carried out their experiments on 3 groups of male rats.

1 group was given a high dose of ginger, the 2nd were given a higher dose of ginger.

The 3rd group received no ginger at all.

“We investigated the effects of ginger and male reproductive functions and studied the mechanisms underlying these effects.”

Some of the mice in the experiments were sacrificed and examined after 2 weeks.

The remainder of the mice lived for 4 weeks before the researchers carried out the examinations.

The researchers found that the mice given ginger had larger testicles and epididymis.

The epididymis is a long coiled tube that stores sperm and transports it from the testicles through the penis.

“Ginger treatment caused a significant increase in the weight of the testis and epididymis.”

We live in a culture with a fascination with penis size – at least for some folks.

But a better physical marker of manliness is testicle size – after all, this is where testosterone and sperm are produced.

Sperm count increased in the animals given ginger.

The longer the animals consumed ginger, the higher their sperm count.

The researchers also found higher sperm count in the animals given higher doses of ginger.

“There were dose and duration dependent increases in sperm count and motility.”

This could be very useful for men who are interested in having children in the future.

But testosterone levels are important to all men.

The researchers found a significant increase in testosterone levels in the animals given ginger.

“There was also a significant increase in serum testosterone levels.”

The theory behind this experiment is that lipid peroxidation byproducts like malondialdehyde harm the testicles, lowering testosterone and sperm count.

Ginger supplementation decreased malondialdehyde – supporting the theory which was the cause for the experiment.

“Malondialdehyde levels were significantly reduced with ginger.”

These are very interesting findings.

Particularly for men who have consumed a lot of vegetable oil or fish oil…

Men whose lipid peroxidation byproducts will be increased by any kind of stress.

“Ginger possesses pro fertility properties in male rats which may be a byproduct of its potent antioxidant properties and androgenic activities.”

Of course, the best way to prevent these problems is to limit your consumption of the unstable fats which lead to lipid peroxide byproducts – they are vegetable oil and fish oil.

Saturated fats like coconut oil and butter don’t produce these toxic byproducts which harm the testicles, lowering testosterone and fertility.

—-Important Message About Your Testicles—-

This gets you shooting much bigger loads (She will LOVE this)

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Men often just dribble when they should shoot like a fire hydrant… 

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That’s why I’ve been eating this food that lets me get those big, impressive “money shot” loads again, just like adult male movie stars…

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Effects of Zingiber Officinale on Reproductive Functions in the Male Rat