How to increase endogenous testosterone levels at home

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This is a way of naturally increasing T without needing Big Pharma treatments

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How to increase endogenous testosterone levels at home

Are there benefits from red light exposure to the gonads to increase testosterone levels?

Can red light increase libido and sexual function in men?

Interestingly enough, despite the incredible gold rush of red light research over the past decade, these research questions have been somewhat neglected.

There are, of course, anecdotal reports of men shining red light on their private parts and experiencing higher testosterone levels

…but it hasn’t been clearly supported by much scientific evidence, at least in humans. 

Considering the very severe problems of inadequate libido and infertility…

…even in relatively young men, the possibilities of red light therapy are tantalizing.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), as popular as it currently is, is not a safe nor intelligent approach towards increasing testosterone levels. 

It uses far too much testosterone, which then gets converted to estrogen, causing a host of other problems.

Aromatase inhibitors complicate things further, as they cannot selectively suppress estrogen alone. 

Red light therapy offers the possibility of increasing endogenous testosterone levels, at home, with none of the pitfalls of TRT.

Several studies have tackled related angles in rat/mouse models, but there hasn’t been much in terms of a specific focus on testosterone levels. 

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However, this (relatively older) 2013 study is more directly applicable for self-experimentation by men, as its results show:

“Our results showed that the rate of tissue penetration was significantly higher in the 808 nm wavelength group as compared with the 670 nm wavelength group (P<0.05); serum T level was not significantly higher in the experimental groups as compared with the control group; but serum T level was significantly elevated in the 670 nm wavelength group on day 4. Thus the LLLT using a 670-nm diode laser was effective in increasing serum T level without causing any visible histopathological side effects.” -Ahn et al. (2013)

This is so clear, precise, and useful because it identifies a simple and economical way for men to counteract the effects of age and stress-related decline in testosterone levels. 

Of course, these results were found on rats, but really, we’re very close to rats in many ways.

And more recent papers have found positive effects on closely related aspects like sexual function and libido in men.

Moreover, 670nm is the most popular light frequency for red light therapy devices, and is readily available.

The general, safe therapeutic dose for most applications with red light therapy is just a few minutes daily, at a distance of 6 to 12 inches. 

As little as 2 to 3 minutes of direct exposure with 670nm red light to the general genital area is very safe, and should provide long-lasting increases in serum testosterone. 

Just remember: less is more!

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Ahn et al. (2013). The effects of low level laser therapy (LLLT) on the testis in elevating serum testosterone level in rats. Biomedical research 24(1):28-32