How to get morning wood every night

How to get morning wood every night

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How to get morning wood every night

Sleep can have a huge impact on erections, and men who are sleeping wrong can end up with permanent erectile dysfunction…

One sleep problem men can experience is obstructive sleep apnea…

Sleep apnea disrupts sleep patterns by collapsing the upper airway.

In the past 10 years, research has shown that this sleep disorder is a factor in high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and abnormal glucose metabolism.

And recently, scientists discovered a link between sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction.

This study shows that treating sleep apnea can improve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

This human study was conducted at the Department of Otolaryngology, Ain Shams University Hospital in Egypt. The results were published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice.

These researchers looked at the effect of sleep apnea treatments on erectile function.

The study assessed two different treatments.

The scientists assessed people who had surgery to alleviate sleep apnea as well as people who started using a CPAP machine to treat their sleep apnea.

CPAP is a mask that blows air into the user – keeping the airways open during the night.

“This study aimed to determine the impact of long‐term treatment with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) and surgical procedures on obstructive sleep apnea and erectile function.”

80 men with sleep apnea and erection problems participated in the study.

The study found that using a CPAP device for three months led to significant improvements in ED.

“After 3 months of CPAP treatment, the patients showed significant improvement in erectile function.”

They used two methods of measuring penile function.

The men completed a standardized questionnaire called the IIEF-5 (International Index of Erectile Function).

This series of questions separates erectile function into different categories based on the answers to questions.

The IIEF-5 has 4 categories of erectile dysfunction, from normal to severe.

In the study, the percentage of men with severe erection problems went down from 16% to 11%.

The number of men with normal penile function went from 0% to 22% after treatment for sleep apnea.

The number of men with mild and moderate erectile dysfunction also decreased with treatment – there were improvements in every category.

But questionnaires alone can be tricky and unreliable.

So this study also took objective measurements of erectile function.

The researchers used a device called a RigiScan to measure penis function.

The RigiScan is a device that attaches to the penis and assesses night-time erections – it is an excellent measure of penis function.

“Nocturnal penile rigidity before and after CPAP treatment was evaluated using automated RigiScan.”

The RigiScan tests indicated significant improvements in penile function.

The number of men in the top RigiScan category increased from 14% to 40% after sleep apnea treatment.

“Post-treatment RigiScan results showed significantly higher frequency of strong nocturnal rigidity. The frequency of patients showing the weakest nocturnal rigidity was decreased considerably after CPAP treatment.”

This study shows that treating sleep apnea can improve both subjective and objective measures of penile function.

Sleep apnea could be considered a cause of erectile dysfunction.

“Obstructive sleep apnea in male patients can be considered as an underlying pathogenic factor for later development of ED.”

Clearly, CPAP masks and other sleep apnea treatments can improve penile function in men with sleep problems.

“CPAP and obstruction-relieving surgery have been found effective in improving sexual performance and quality of life.”

As a bonus, the study showed that these sleep apnea treatments also decrease daytime sleepiness.

The participants had healthier levels of oxygen in their blood – because they were breathing properly at night.

Sleep apnea also seems to be a factor in hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

More recently, scientists discovered that sleep interruptions can prevent the release of masculine hormones.

Sleep apnea can impair a critical phase of sleep known as deep sleep – and this is when the endocrine system triggers testosterone release.

So interrupted sleep does decrease testosterone.

Good quality sleep is essential for erectile function, testosterone production, and good health in general.

Do whatever you can to get quality natural sleep every night. (Sleeping pills do not provide natural sleep.)

You should see a healthcare professional for the diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction and sleeping problems.

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Treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea as a therapeutic modality for associated erectile dysfunction

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