How to get more progesterone (and why you want it as a man)

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How to get more progesterone (and why you want it as a man)

In popular culture, progesterone is clearly associated with the female biology. 

It is the hormone of “pregnancy,” and doesn’t have anything to do with men. 

As usual, this is just a gross misconception. 

Progesterone is actually produced in the testes of young men, and is in fact the precursor for all androgens typically associated with masculinity.

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Progesterone is a fundamental health hormone for both sexes, and should be part of the discussion for men’s health, but is instead routinely disregarded. 

For instance, in recent years, the reference range for serum progesterone tests in men have been inexplicably altered from a normal range of 0.0 to 1.5 ng/ml, to a completely ridiculous 0.0 to 0.1 ng/ml. 

This creates a situation where men can have serum progesterone levels of zero and still be considered to have a “normal” or otherwise healthy level of progesterone. 

Men with levels even marginally above 0.1 ng/ml are considered to have “high progesterone,” as ludicrous as that sounds. 

Now, blood tests are not especially reliable because they do not reflect tissue levels, which are arguably more important.

But I think this illustrates the complete indifference towards progesterone, at least for men. 

Evidence for the action of progesterone.

While it may still seem strange to wrap your head around, progesterone is a big player in male sexual function, and even modulates the all important testosterone:

“Progesterone influences spermiogenesis, sperm/capacitation/acrosome reaction and testosterone biosynthesis and the Leydig cells.” – Oettel & Mukhopadhyay (2004)

“Studies from this laboratory, and others, have indicated that testicular extracts are capable of oxidizing progesterone to testosterone and acetic acid.” – Lynn & Brown (1957)

Progesterone is the major precursor to all other steroids (hormones) in the human body.

So it is no surprise that it influences the formation of androgens which are downstream:

“In this report it is demonstrated that rat testis can remove the sidechain from progesterone in vitro and form testosterone and [androstenedione]” – Slaunwhite & Samuels (1956)

“In view of these recent findings, it appears that the pathway, progesterone → 17????-hydroxyprogesterone  → 4-androstene-3,17-dione   → testosterone, is an important route in the biosynthesis of androgens of testicular origins.” – Savard et al. (1956)

Clearly, progesterone plays an important role in male sexual function, and influences the very production of the androgens which are so central to vigor and good health.

Most of these studies are quite dated, which makes the current situation all the more damning because it seems we’ve forgotten important knowledge.

But just to drive the point home a little more, let’s consider a 1939 experiment on castrated rats. 

The authors of this study used progesterone to see if it could compensate for the deleterious effects of castration.

Lo and behold, it could seemingly fill in for the missing androgens:

“Large amounts of progesterone (…) given to castrate male rats maintain or stimulate the prostates and, to a lesser extent, the seminal vesicles. These sexual accessories increase in weight with such treatment and display cytological evidence of secretory function. (…) From these facts it is concluded that progesterone is androgenic.” – Greene et al. (1939)

To clarify, male rats were castrated, thereby removing the main source of androgen production from the testes. 

Progesterone was then given to these rats and it was found to maintain the size and function of the prostate and the rest of the reproductive apparatus.

Basically, progesterone can probably act like an androgen when needed, and quite possibly, can always be converted to needed androgens in target tissues.

All this to say, progesterone is fundamentally important in men, just as it is in women, and it should be taken extremely seriously.

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