How to fix your digestion with this simple little trick

Sometimes the quest for better health brings your fearless editor, the Cookster, aka Matt Cook, to some very surprisingly simple solutions.

For example, what effect does it have if you chew your food more carefully? Maybe none, maybe a lot.

What we’re trying to do here, is fix problems like heartburn, constipation, and digestive upset, maybe even irritable bowel syndrome, who knows.

Could it be as simple as chewing your food more carefully?

In this study, they first surveyed patients that had no teeth. These are people that could not chew their food. And two-thirds of them reported digestive problems.

Then they fix their teeth, and they surveyed them on their digestive health. They found that these patients now had way fewer digestive complaints, and better bowel movements.

“The high incidence of digestive complaints in our patients with dental deficits and the improvement of these symptoms after jaw reconstruction support a case for masticatory failure in the development of digestive symptoms.”

What could be a better study than this?

It’s really simple. People who can’t chew their food have problems. They become able to chew their food thanks to surgery. And now their problems disappear.

Not the same if you wear dentures

In this second study, they found the same thing. They found that people without their teeth didn’t chew their food as well, and suffered digestive problems.

But this study also examined things like the size of the particles after chewing. They found that people who wear dentures do not chew their food as well as people who have their teeth.

Meaning that, it’s important to keep your teeth if you possibly can.

In the old days, people would lose their teeth routinely in the Western world, and would wear dentures. But we know that if you wear dentures, this is a very bad sign for the outcome of your health.

And now we know one reason, which is that you can’t really chew your food properly when you are wearing dentures.

So, you may want to chew your food more slowly and carefully, and observe how your health improves.

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