How to fix depression through diet

How to fix depression through diet

There are some genuine puzzles around depression.

One puzzle is, why do people get depressed and stay depressed for such a long time?

And another other puzzle is, why does depression often correlate with low sexual desire or low sexual function?

And is there a connection between diet and depression?

I think that they’ve gone a long way toward solving this puzzle in this study.

The study used rats, but I think it applies to people just the same.

When you eat bad foods for a while, your gut, your colon, becomes inflamed and leaky.

And this causes a lot of bacteria to enter your body.

These bacteria them produce a lot of damaging chemicals that build up in the body.

These chemicals are called endotoxins, and one of the worst endotoxins is lipopolysaccharide or LPS.

So just think about your colon as full of raw sewage.

LPS is raw sewage that leaks into your body.

As you can imagine, your body has a lot of ways of dealing with LPS inflammation.

The immune system is focused and concentrated in our gut specifically to deal with these endotoxins.

We have a lot of immune defenses against these LPS waste products.

But when researchers exposed these rats to LPS over time, the rats became depressed and less interested in sex.

Several indices of male sexual behavior were significantly suppressed following LPS administration.

And the researchers discovered that administering an appropriate antidepressant could reverse this effect of LPS.

So remember, when you have a lot of gut inflammation, LPS is produced and enters your body.

And too much LPS can cause depression.

You can block LPS with an antidepressant, or you can eliminate LPS by following a good diet.

A good diet may be very different from what you think is a good diet.

But a good diet can treat anxiety and depression on its own by cutting down on endotoxins that enter your body.

Fewer endotoxins mean the end of the depression.

But what to do now?

First, try to eliminate foods that create a lot of annual toxins in the gut.

Then you can focus on eating foods that help with depression.

The best things to eat are well-cooked vegetables, low starch, and low-fat.

Getting enough protein is critical to support your liver.

Your liver is what processes endotoxins and removes them.



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Endotoxin produces a depressive-like episode in rats 

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