How to change your sexual behavior the EASY way

A lot of people want to be different sexually than they are.

For example, I work with over 21,000 students. And many of them have sexual issues, that they would like to fix.

These are the most common ones:

  1. Matt, I would like to be more attracted to my wife.

2. Matt, I would like to be less interested in other women.

3. Matt, I would like to feel more sensation, more satisfaction, and have better erections during sex.

The key to changing your sexual desires and proclivities is contained in the study that I am analyzing today.

This is not about gay rats.

This is about changing your sexuality as you consciously wanted.

It means that you’re not stuck where you are.

Were so accustomed to being told that we are what we are sexually. That we can’t change. That’s our nature.

The even tell a gay man that he is born that way

But is it not true. There are some genetic components to sexual preferences, of course.

But you can mold your sexual desires and behavior almost any way you want

The science of epigenetic’s has already completely eclipsed the science of genetics.

With Abba genetics, you can turn on or turn off almost anything about yourself.

So if you’re not excited by your longtime girlfriend, you can become excited by her.

If you’re not filling the most exquisite pleasure in sensation during sex, because you’ve got desensitized with poor masturbation habits and pornography, you can change that.

This study shows you how.

They basically use some simple reinforcement techniques to train rats, so that they became gay.

And they found that certain key hormones play a part. They’re everything when it comes to sexual habits.

If you want to change your sexual habits, use oxytocin

Oxytocin is a hormone that in the short run you can give people in the laboratory. In the longer run, in real life, you have to create your own oxytocin in your body. You can’t take it as a supplement and have a do any good.

But this study proved that by giving yourself higher levels of oxytocin, and then exposing yourself to the desire to sexual triggers that you want, you can submit those triggers to your brain, and essentially change your sexuality.

Here’s the formula for changing your sexuality

If you want to be more excited about her, then create some oxytocin and spend time with her.

If you want to become less attracted to porn triggers, spend time with your real girlfriend or a girl, and generate oxytocin.

The formula is oxytocin plus sexual contact equals a new sexual habit

The sexual habit can be high sensitivity, quality long-lasting erections, attraction to your wife, or anything else that you wanted to be.

The rats of showed us how. It works in real life.

All you have to do is build the oxytocin, get the sexuality that you want, and it will become deeply embedded in your brain and become a habit that you can count on for the rest of your life.

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