How to burn up brown fat and use it to fuel the body

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The body has white fat and brown fat — but only brown fat can make you lose weight!

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How to burn up brown fat and use it to fuel the body

Brown fat is a major area of scientific research right now.

This type of body fat is unusually metabolically active. It can produce heat and use energy.

Researchers believe that this metabolic activity can help people stay lean and that it may be key to losing weight.

So scientists have been looking for safe ways to increase the activity of brown fat in humans. 

If people can increase the temperature output of brown fat, then they use more energy at rest.

More energy used means less fat stored.

Well, scientists have just shown that coffee is very effective in increasing the activity of brown fat in humans.

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This research took place at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom. Nature Scientific Reports published the paper.

Except in extreme cases, higher energetic metabolism is better.

A greater ability to use energy means more mental and physical endurance, greater resistance to stress, and accelerated regeneration from physical damage.

When the body uses energy, it produces heat. 

And warmer people have higher metabolism.

Brown fat has the ability to increase metabolism and body temperature.

“Brown fat is able to rapidly generate heat and metabolize macronutrients, such as glucose and lipids, through activation of mitochondrial uncoupling protein 1 (UCP1).”

Caffeine, a major component of coffee, is also well known to increase metabolism.

“Caffeine consumption has been associated with loss of body weight and increased energy expenditure – but whether it can activate UCP1 is unknown.”

So these researchers wanted to find out if coffee could be a simple way to activate brown fat metabolism.

“The study examined the effect of caffeine on brown fat thermogenesis.”

They did the first experiments on cells.

And brown fat cells exposed to caffeine did show increased metabolism. 

The researchers also showed that this was through increasing the protein that activates brown fat metabolism (UCP1).

“Stem-cell-derived fat cells exposed to caffeine showed increased UCP1 and cell metabolism.”

These cell experiments found another benefit to caffeine.

Caffeine also increased the production of mitochondria… 

“Caffeine also increased mitochondrial biogenesis.”

Mitochondria are organelles that produce cellular energy.

They also produce the energy needed to repair the body and recover from disease.

Diseases damage mitochondria, so there is great benefit to producing new, healthy mitochondria more rapidly.

Next, the researchers moved on to the human experiment.

Nine healthy adults in their 20s and 30s took part in an experiment looking at the effects of coffee on body temperature and brown fat metabolism.

In one part of the experiment, the researchers used heat imaging cameras to record the upper-body temperature of the participants – before and after drinking coffee.

“After baseline imaging, participants consumed either a caffeinated beverage or water alone and remained seated for 30 minute.”

The study used Nescafe© Original 1.8 g sachet – about 65 mg of caffeine – dissolved in 200 ml of water at 22 °C. 

In the placebo part of the study, they warmed the water to the same temperature as the coffee so as not to interfere with the results.

Coffee increased the temperature of the upper body – the region where most of the metabolically active brown fat resides.

“Drinking coffee (but not water) stimulated the temperature of the supraclavicular region, the main region of brown fat in adult humans.”

Coffee stimulates brown fat metabolism to increase body temperature.

One standard cup of coffee is enough to significantly increase the metabolism of brown fat tissue in humans.

“The increase in temperature with caffeine ingestion is indicative of an increase in brown fat activity following a relatively low dose of caffeine from a single standard cup of coffee.”

These findings point toward yet another mechanism by which coffee could improve human health.

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