How to boost energy levels – use this vitamin

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This is how you can start feeling like a teenager again (and performing like one too)

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How to boost energy levels – use this vitamin

As we age, our energy levels fall…

But if we can keep our energy levels high, we can live longer and have a terrific life.

And the key to keeping energy levels high is to keep our cells energetic!

And that leads me to vitamin A…

Vitamin A — a fat-soluble nutrient only found in animal foods — is one of the most essential elements in optimal energy production and health.

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This paper examining the role of vitamin A in energy production was published in FASEB Journal.

A number of different chemicals have been called vitamin A — but really only 3 of those should be considered as real vitamin A. 

Others which come from plants are not genuine vitamins.

One of these forms of vitamin A is called retinol.

Retinol has been much overlooked by vitamin A researchers.

The other forms (retinal and retinoic acid) are known to have huge importance in up vision and immunity. 

But retinol has often been seen as merely something which can convert into those more potent types of vitamin A.

“While functioning as the precursor of retinal and retinoic acid, a growing body of evidence suggests a far more fundamental role for retinol.”

The paper makes a very strong claim about the critical importance of retinol in human health — that it is essential for the health of mitochondria.

“Here we show that retinol is essential for the metabolic fitness of mitochondria. ”

The mitochondria are small structures inside and outside the cell which are the engines of the body.

Mitochondria produce all of the energy the body requires for health.

These miraculous structures carry out numerous biochemical reactions which produce something called ATP.

ATP is the energy, the fuel that the body runs on.

Mitochondria can produce ATP in a number of different ways — through different combinations of chemical reactions.

Some ways of producing ATP energy are more efficient than others.

Respiration produces a lot of ATP and also lots of CO2

CO2 is great for relaxing blood vessels and helps deliver more oxygen to the cells. 

CO2 also keeps the cells respiring — producing maximum ATP energy.

In a series of animal and cell experiments, scientists discovered that retinol is essential for cellular respiration.

In other words — vitamin A is essential for high energy levels, structural recovery, and slowing aging.

“When cells were deprived of retinol, respiration and ATP synthesis defaulted to basal levels.”

As soon as vitamin A deficient cells were given enough of this nutrient they increased their energy output.

“Cells recovered significantly higher energy output as soon as retinol was restored to physiological concentrations.”

The researchers found similar results in animals — where energy production dropped when vitamin A (retinol) was low.

This was reversed by vitamin A injections.

“The baseline response was reduced in vitamin A-deficient mice, but this was corrected within 3 h by injection of vitamin A.”

These types of experiments show that vitamin A is one of the essential factors for maintaining optimal energy production.

Without it energy and structure fails and everything falls apart.

“As such, retinol is of fundamental importance for energy homeostasis.”

Researchers had already uncovered hundreds of different effects of the main form of vitamin A (retinoic acid).

Yet they were still unclear as to why vitamin A deficiency caused so many health problems.

The fundamental role of retinol in energy production explains why a vitamin A deficiency causes so much disease.

“This provides an explanation to the nearly 100-yr-old question of why vitamin A deficiency causes so many symptoms that are independent of retinoic acid action.”

These days many people don’t eat enough vitamin A.

Real vitamin A is found in liver primarily.

Though you can get some from eggs, cheese, and other animal foods.

Plant-based vitamin A precursors like beta carotene are not real vitamin A replacements. 

Most people don’t convert them to vitamin A very well and beta carotene has metabolites that actually block the effects of real vitamin A.

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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