How not to feel sad after sex

Young handsome depressed men in bed.

4 in 10 men experience this — luckily, you can do something about it…

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How not to feel sad after sex

Have you ever been smacked in the face by negative emotions? 

It’s not a super-pleasant experience, but it happens sometimes. 

It can be triggered by an event, a memory, or sometimes things that seem like nothing at all.

When this happens, a wave of sadness, grief, or melancholy can completely wash over you.

Believe it or not, this is actually a common experience for many people – including men – after sex. 

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And it has a medical name… It’s called postcoital dysphoria (PCD).

Feeling sad after sex is a real thing.

Postcoital dysphoria is rarely discussed at all and is hardly ever addressed by men. 

There are a few studies on women about this condition, but this is the first one done on men.

A world-first study concludes men can and do suffer from postcoital dysphoria (PCD) which results in feelings of sadness, tearfulness, or irritability following sex. While the condition had been recognized in women, no studies had previously identified the phenomenon among males.”

The reality is that feeling sad after sex is a real thing for a lot of people – both men and women. 

I know it doesn’t happen that way in the movies or in porn…

But trust me on this one – it’s a real thing. 

I’ve talked to enough men who have told me it’s something they deal with to know it’s a real thing.

Postcoital dysphoria is far more common in men than people think.

I think one of the most stunning things about feeling sad after sex is that it’s so common. 

Four in ten men report having felt this way at some point in their lives. And two in ten men in this survey have felt blue after having sex in the past month!

That means that our media isn’t really telling us the whole truth about sex – no surprise there!

“…41% of the participants reported experiencing PCD in their lifetime with 20% reporting they had experienced it in the previous four weeks. Up to 4% suffered from PCD on a regular basis.”

For something that is supposed to be one of the best experiences a man can have, this isn’t great news.

This happens because of the hormones your body releases after orgasm.

There’s an explanation though – and a fix. 

After a man (or a woman) has an orgasm, their bodies release prolactin. This is the hormone that makes most people sleepy after sex.

But it’s also the hormone responsible for the sadness.

AND it can make you disinterested in your partner or more interested in other partners. 

(But that’s a discussion for another day.)

Cuddling after sex can help.

The good news is that cuddling, talking and kissing after sex can help a lot. 

People who do this report much higher sexual satisfaction than people who don’t.

“It has, for example, been established that couples who engage in talking, kissing, and cuddling following sexual activity report greater sexual and relationship satisfaction, demonstrating that the resolution phase is important for bonding and intimacy…”

That’s because your body releases the hormone oxytocin after these activities, which creates trust, bonding, and a feeling of deep satisfaction.

This helps even more…

While cuddling and kissing can help to alleviate sadness after sex, in my experience of teaching thousands of men, nothing works as well as what I call Nirvana sex. 

Nirvana sex can transform your sex life and your relationship in ways that are almost too tasty to describe. 

It also eliminates postcoital dysphoria for almost all people.

If you’ve ever felt sad after sex, know that you aren’t alone. 

Even if most people don’t talk about it, it happens to more people than you think.

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