How mushrooms give you better erections

How mushrooms make your member stay up higher

This article talks about mushrooms – and the best part is they will help you have crazy erections… They lower estrogen and cause really good things to happen in a man…

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How mushrooms give you better erections…

Today’s newsletter talks about mushrooms and how they can help you lose fat.

They also help in the sex department. A lot. So read on…

Okay, for overweight people, losing weight is the most important factor that can help them improve their health.

Numerous studies show that caloric restriction of between 10 to 20% can decrease body fat without lowering metabolism.

But changes in appetite are often found in obesity – so lowering calories can be difficult.

An interesting study shows that adding mushrooms to a meal leads to eating fewer calories in that meal.

More importantly, people do not tend to compensate with more calories later in the day. (They do not feel the need to eat more.)

These researchers conducted their human study at the Center for Human Nutrition, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore and published the results in the Journal of Appetite.

They were investigating the idea that low-energy-density foods can help with weight loss.

(The energy density rating of a food is simply how many calories that food contains by weight.)

“Increasing intake of low-energy-density foods in place of high-energy-density foods has been proposed as a strategy for treating obesity.”

This study used high-fat beef as a high-energy-density food.

It used white button mushrooms as a low-energy-density food.

The experiment looked at how these two foods affected daily caloric intake and appetite.

“This study investigated how substituting mushrooms for beef in a test lunch affected energy intake, fat intake, palatability, appetite, satiation, and satiety in normal weight, overweight, and obese adults.”

All of the participants took part in two separate experiments.

One experiment involved eating a meat lunch every day for four days.

Another experiment swapped out some of the fatty meat for mushrooms.

The study assessed the caloric intake over the entire day of the study, not just intake from those particular meals.

“The order of presentation of four consecutive meat lunches and four consecutive mushroom lunches was randomized.”

The amount of energy in the meals containing mushroom was significantly lower than that in the meat meals.

“Energy content of meat and mushroom lunches varied (783 kcal versus 339 kcal), while volume was held constant.”

People ate more calories when they ate the meat meal.

But one question they had was: Do people eating the lower-calorie mushroom lunch compensate later in the day by eating more calories?

People eating the mushroom lunch did eat more calories later in the day. But…

The total amount of calories over the entire day was lower when people were eating the mushroom lunch.

“Subjects exhibited only partial caloric compensation for this difference over 4 days.”

The addition of mushrooms led to lower caloric intake and lower fat intake over the four days of the experiment.

“Total daily energy intake and fat intake were significantly greater in the meat condition than in the mushroom condition.”

What’s more – it was not difficult for them to eat fewer calories.

People reported similar appetite and satiation from both experimental diets.

“Ratings of palatability, appetite, satiation, and satiety did not differ significantly in the meat condition than in the mushroom condition.”

Low-energy-density foods such as mushrooms may help people reduce caloric intake and fat intake without affecting their enjoyment of food or causing stressful hunger pangs.

“Substituting low-energy-density foods for high-energy-density foods in otherwise similar recipes can be an effective method for reducing daily energy and fat intake.”

This study used the commonly found white button mushroom.

These mushrooms have many beneficial effects aside from those shown in this study.

White button mushrooms can lower estrogen. This is also marvelous for men’s “rockiness” — mushrooms are amazing for men in fact.

And mushrooms also lower a number of other markers of inflammation.

White button mushrooms are associated with lower rates of cancer – possibly due to lowering estrogen and inflammation.

But be careful: Raw or undercooked mushrooms do contain toxins.

White button mushrooms contain agaritine, which is toxic to the liver, so raw mushrooms should not be eaten.

Mushrooms must be very well cooked to remove the toxins – and then they are a great addition to the diet.

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Lack of energy compensation over 4 days when white button mushrooms are substituted for beef
1. Do mushrooms help erectile dysfunction?
Mushrooms have always been enjoyed and loved for centuries. Some call it an aphrodisiac but they are rich in antioxidants and healthy vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for health. But be careful, since only a few variants are considered safe for human consumption.
Is it true that Mushrooms help erectile dysfunction?
Mushrooms are very much in demand since it is believed that it can heal a number of sexual disorders, chief among them, erectile dysfunction. Medical mushrooms are said to help boost blood flow and some varieties like Tremella and Cordyceps mushrooms can boost sexual health.
It is "Nitric Oxide" that plays a crucial role in boosting the erectile tissue of the penis. This means it is important to have healthy nitric oxide levels in sustaining your erection. Research shows that Cordyceps mushrooms contain specific protein strains that have been found to release more nitric oxide into the bloodstream. It increases the flow of blood and the oxygen levels to the penis and as much in the whole of the body thus, affecting sexual health positively.
According to some researchers, Mushrooms has been found to improve sex drives and also overcome any pain during sex. Cordyceps mushrooms have been long used in Eastern medicine to treat infertility problems both in men and women. This specific variety of mushrooms has also been found to boost cardiovascular health, help maintain muscle mass and support the optimal bone density in the body.
Cordyceps is considered to contain blood vessel dilating properties that can help erectile dysfunction problems. Other benefits of the Cordyceps mushrooms include its cholesterol balancing properties. This medical mushroom has been found to boost energy levels and has been known as a proven immune system booster. It helps to sustain healthy heart functioning and boosts the liver and kidney functions.
We all know how stamina is so important for sex.
Well it seems, Mushrooms help boost stamina too. Research shows that varieties like Chaga mushrooms helps to improve stamina and is often been used by athletes. It is also very interesting to note that certain Mushroom varieties have been found to boost the production of testosterone. Maitake mushrooms are considered a great food to have to improve your sex drive. Reishi, another well-known mushroom from China is considered a herb of spiritual potency. It helps to modulate the immune system and is considered a great booster of male libido.
Clinical studies have found that supplementation with Medical mushroom shows a 50% increase in the sperm survival rate and a 30% increase in sperm count among men. It is also linked to the improvement of the health of the adrenal glands and thymus hormones. Interestingly, Mushroom consumption has shown a spike in the libido of both men and women by as much as 56% in many cases. Cordyceps mushrooms have also been found to increase one's sexual thoughts and fantasies, maybe that is one reason why Asians consider this mushroom a great sexual Aphrodisiac.
It is always prudent to ask for your doctors' advice before you start ingesting mushrooms. But given the fact that the medical community is now more open to the benefits of Mushrooms, the right supplement can greatly boost your sexual health.

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