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Doing this 1 thing after eating can prevent blood sugar spikes

Maintaining optimal blood sugar levels is crucial for everyone, but it becomes even more important as we age.

That’s why I try to find ways to always have a perfect blood sugar level.

Today I found another one… and I’ll tell you about it in a bit.

Let me first tell you why you want perfect and stable blood sugar levels.

Because elevated blood sugar levels can lead to a wide range of health issues:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Kidney damage
  • Nerve damage

And so on.

Therefore, keeping blood sugar levels in check becomes necessary.

But it’s more difficult nowadays than it used to be.

It’s becoming increasingly challenging to maintain that perfect blood sugar level.

Why? You might ask.

Well, our food supply is not as good as it used to be.

Processed foods certainly don’t help – they cause the blood sugar to spike and then rapidly drop like a rollercoaster.

We don’t want that.

We want it to stay optimal.

As you might’ve guessed, diet is the first thing you should fix.

After that, there is another thing (like I said in the beginning)…


Yes, walking.

More specifically, walking after meals – it’s that simple.

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This study was conducted at George Washington University. It was published in Diabetes Care.

The researchers compared the effectiveness of 3 different walking protocols.

They looked at how these walking protocols controlled blood sugar levels in older adults who are at risk for glucose intolerance.

“Inactive older (≥60 years of age) participants (N=10) were recruited from the community and were nonsmoking, with a BMI<35 kg/m2 and a fasting blood glucose concentration between 105 and 125 mg dL(-1)”

  1. After-meal walking for 15 minutes
  2. Sustained walking for 45 minutes in the morning
  3. Sustained walking for 45 minutes in the afternoon.

The study found that both morning and after-meal walking significantly improved 24-hour glycemic control compared to the control day.

“Both sustained morning walking and postmeal walking significantly improved 24-h glycemic control relative to the control day.”

Additionally, after-meal walking was MORE effective than sustained walking in the morning or afternoon in lowering post-dinner glucose levels.

“Moreover, postmeal walking was significantly more effective than 45 min of sustained morning or afternoon walking in lowering 3-h post-dinner glucose between the control and experimental day.”

That is, 15 mins of brisk walking after meals is a great way to control blood sugar levels – especially in older adults like in this study.

“Short, intermittent bouts of postmeal walking appear to be an effective way to control postprandial hyperglycemia in older people”

Walking is an excellent exercise for men of all ages, but its importance increases as we age.

Our bodies are designed for walking.

Before modernization, humans walked for HOURS as part of their daily routine.

Today, we lead much more sedentary lives, so I recommend incorporating walking into your daily routine.

You’ll see the difference.

And you’ll have a perfect blood sugar level.

In this study, the participants used treadmills but nature walks are WAY better.

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