How different BP treatments affect men’s members

These are the blood pressure pills that hurt rockiness

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What different BP treatments do to men’s members – check your bottles…

The dangers of high blood pressure are massively overstated…

…especially in older people, where higher blood pressure can help to deliver blood, oxygen, and nutrients…

especially to parts of the body that may otherwise be starved of these resources.

Forcing blood pressure down with blood pressure treatments is rarely the right thing to do.

But it’s also true that there are very different effects of different blood pressure treatments.

Rockiness problems are a common problem suffered by men with high blood pressure.

This is primarily because of common underlying problems which affect the blood vessels structure – including the blood vessels in the penis.

But different blood pressure treatments have very different effects on the structure of the penis and the likelihood of erections problems too…

And research shows that some blood pressure treatments are likely to cause erections problems.

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The animal experiments were carried out at the Laboratory of Experimental Medicine, Hospital Alemán in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The paper was published in the American Journal of Nephrology.

“‘Penile’ dysfunction is highly prevalent in hypertensive patients”.

The authors of this study wondered whether the high prevalence of erections problems in men with high blood pressure…

…could be related to blood pressure treatments, as well as the underlying causes of high blood pressure.

There are 2 classes of blood pressure treatments which are widely used – they work by different mechanisms.

“Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs) and calcium antagonists are current antihypertensive ‘treatments.’”

The researchers wanted to look to see if there were different effects of these classes of blood pressure treatments on the penis.

“The aim of this study was to determine possible differences between ARBs and calcium antagonists concerning the protection of penile structures from the deleterious effects of arterial hypertension.”

(It’s not actually blood pressure which harms the penis, but rather the underlying root cause which damages blood vessels and increases blood pressure.)

The experiments were carried out on a number of different groups of rats.

Some of these groups developed high blood pressure naturally as they age.

There was also 1 group of normal rats who did not develop high blood pressure.

“During 6 months, 3 groups of male spontaneously hypertensive rats and 1 group of normal rats, as a control group, were studied.”

The high blood pressure rats were put on different regimens.

1 group was put on each of the 2 blood pressure treatments and the remaining group was given no treatment.

“Spontaneously hypertensive rats without treatment; … with losartan 30 mg/kg/day; … and with amlodipine 3 mg/kg/day.”

The researchers looked for any changes in the underlying structure of the penis including collagen protein and changes to blood vessels after a few months.

“Cavernous smooth muscle and vascular smooth muscle from cavernous arteries, cavernous tissue fibrosis and collagen type III were evaluated.”

The researchers were evaluating the above known changes to the structure of the penis which cause erections problems in the majority of cases.

Both treatments were effective at lowering blood pressure in the animals with high blood pressure.

But there are significant differences in the structure of the penis in the 2 groups of high blood pressure rats which were given to different treatments.

The animals given the blood pressure-lowering treatment losartan had significantly less damage to the structure of the penis.

(SHR = spontaneous high blood pressure rats)

“Only SHR with losartan and control normal rats presented significantly lower values of: cavernous smooth muscle and vascular smooth muscle from cavernous arteries, cavernous tissue fibrosis and collagen type III when compared with either untreated SHR or SHR with amlodipine.”

The research indicates that the angiotensin receptor blocker treatment losartan (Cozaar) may present a much lower risk for erections problems than other blood pressure treatments.

The researchers also detected some degenerative changes to the blood vessels in and around the heart associated with the other treatment amlodipine.

“Losartan but not amlodipine showed a significant protective role against structural changes in the vessels and cavernous spaces of the ‘penile’ tissue caused by arterial hypertension.”

For most people, particularly older folks, higher blood pressure is nothing to worry about.

But if you are going to take blood pressure treatments, some are less harmful than others.

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Different effect of losartan and amlodipine on penile structures in male spontaneously hypertensive rats