How bottled dressings and fried foods wreak havoc in your body

I’ve been telling you for quite a while that vegetable oil is bad.

All sorts of vegetable oils are bad. And fish oil is bad.

I know this is very difficult to really get one’s brain wrapped around in this era where fish oil is so faddish and supposedly amazing, but I want to show you one of the bad effects that things like fish oil can have on increasing stress hormones.

In this study, they show that PUFAs cause higher stress hormones.

How bottled dressings and fried foods wreak havoc in your bodyThis study now shows the reason why PUFAs cause so many problems in our bodies.

Recall that PUFAs are polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are vegetable oil, seed oil, and fish oil fats.

As we’ve gotten more obese, our consumption of vegetable oil and fish oil has gone up in exactly the same way — with body mass index going ever higher into obesity territory, as we consume more vegetable and fish oils:

How bottled dressings and fried foods wreak havoc in your bodyTo really understand the study, you have to realize that PUFAs oxidize really, really easily.

Think about the sticky, oily residue on the spout of your kitchen oil.

You open the bottle of oil, and after you use it once, there’s the sticky oil near the top.

That’s oxidized PUFA.

All PUFAs oxidize almost immediately as soon as you consume them.

So this study used oxidized PUFAs and determined the effects they have on the metabolism of rats.

It turns out that these PUFAs increase the levels of aldosterone, cortisol and other hormones that indicate extreme stress in the body.

For example, you do not want high levels of aldosterone in your body.

Aldosterone increases water retention, raises blood pressure, and exercises a host of other negative effects.

The high levels of cortisol that PUFAs stimulate can cause the loss of lean muscle mass, loss of heart muscle and loss of kidney function, and eventually even loss of brain cells.

The authors of the study believe:

as fatty acids pass through the liver, [PUFAs] stimulate glucocorticoid production. The elevated glucocorticoids initiate a vicious cycle by promoting further accumulation of visceral adipose tissue

One more piece of evidence for eliminating as much vegetable oil and fish oil from your diet as you can.


An oxidized metabolite of linoleic acid stimulates corticosterone production by rat adrenal cells

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