How aromatase causes prostate problems – and how to stop it

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How aromatase causes prostate problems – and how to stop it

Estrogen is an inflammatory hormone which can be produced anywhere in the body.

High estrogen is often found in obesity and a lot of other diseases.

There is an increasing amount of evidence that estrogen plays a massive role in prostate problems, including prostate cancer.

For example, researchers have shown that prostate cancer cells begin to produce their own estrogen.

Normally, these cells don’t make estrogen.

Mushrooms and other foods which lower the production of estrogen are tied to lower rates of prostate problems — further implicating estrogen as a cause.

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The cell experiments were carried out at Monash Institute of Reproduction and Development in Victoria, Australia. The results were published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.

Hormones are created by enzymes. 

The enzyme that creates estrogen is called aromatase.

Aromatase turns testosterone into estrogen.

And aromatase can be produced by many different cells in the body.

It has already been shown that a local increase in aromatase can cause breast cancer and brittle bones.

“Tissue-specific aromatase production is significant in breast cancer and osteoporosis.”

In fact, high estrogen has been linked to many different types of cancer.

Sometimes estrogen is increased all throughout the body — you can see this in things like obesity — because fat cells produce aromatase.

But in other diseases, like breast cancer, there is a local increase in aromatase.

This causes an increase in estrogen only where the cancer is active.

There are many similarities between breast cancer prostate cancer. 

So researchers would know whether there is a local increase in aromatase and estrogen in prostate cancer cells.

“We examined local aromatase expression and estrogen synthesis in the human prostate.”

The researchers carried out numerous experiments on human prostate tissue samples. 

They also looked into aromatase expression in human prostate cancer cells.

The researchers found surprisingly high levels of aromatase in the human prostate cancer cells.

This means more estrogen.

“Aromatase was expressed and active in three types of human cancer cells.”

They also found unexpectedly high levels of aromatase in human prostate cancer tumors.

“Aromatase was expressed and active in epithelial tumor cells.”

They compared these human prostate cells to the same cells in men who did not have prostate cancer but did have swollen prostate.

High levels of estrogen-producing aromatase were only found in the prostate cancer cells.

“Benign prostate epithelial cells showed no expression or activity of aromatase.”

So it seems that prostate cancer cells begin producing excess estrogen which is not normally found in the prostate.

“We discovered increased local estrogen synthesis in prostate malignancy.”

As prostate problems progress to cancer they start producing more and more estrogen.

Estrogen is probably fueling the growth of prostate cancer.

The researchers stressed the importance of further research into the role of estrogen in the development and progression of prostate cancer.

“The data provides a basis for continued investigation of local estrogen production and its potential role in prostate disease.”

You are probably aware that the male hormones testosterone and DHT have been blamed for prostate problems.

Blocking these hormones can seem to help in the short term — but in the long term this only causes more problems.

The reason it seems to help is because aromatase turns testosterone into estrogen.

So if there is less testosterone there will be less estrogen.

But this tactic only creates more problems.

The smart tactic is to lower estrogen production by lowering aromatase.

That way you don’t have to mess with important male hormones…

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Local aromatase expression in human prostate is altered in malignancy