High blood pressure? It could be these 5 everyday items in your home

Procedure after brushing your teeth

These items are super common — you may have used two or more of these items already today!

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High blood pressure? It could be these 5 everyday items in your home

If you’re on blood pressure treatments or have been told you have high blood pressure and need to be on treatments…

I will bet that your doctor hasn’t told you anything but “reduce your salt intake” as a way to control your blood pressure naturally.

The reality is that there are a bunch of ways that you can successfully bring your blood pressure to “normal” levels…

But there are also many common treatments, household items, and food that can raise your blood pressure.

It’s important to understand what these are so that if you have high blood pressure you can make informed choices about how you can alter your lifestyle to help.

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Here are 5 products that can raise blood pressure:

  1. Antiseptic Mouthwash: I don’t recommend antiseptic mouthwash because it destroys the good bacteria in the mouth. It also looks like it may increase problems with the cardiovascular system.

Because antiseptic mouthwashes eradicate the oral bacterial flora, this nitric oxide-generating pathway is abolished, which may result in nitric oxide-deficient conditions potentially leading to life-threatening complications such as ischaemic heart events or sepsis.

If you have high blood pressure it may be a good idea to see if eliminating antiseptic mouthwash helps.

  1. NSAIDs: NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory treatments) are associated with high blood pressure. These are sold in both Rx and non-Rx forms — including the brand names Aleve and Advil.

In PRECISION-ABPM, allocation to the non-selective NSAID ibuprofen, compared with the COX-2 selective inhibitor celecoxib was associated with a significant increase of SBP, and a higher incidence of new-onset hypertension.

Not only can these types of treatments make existing high blood pressure worse, they can CAUSE high blood pressure to happen. It’s a good idea to use them as minimally as possible.

  1. Snack Foods: Prepackaged, highly processed foods that are high in PUFA fats can also increase high blood pressure — even at an early age.

Diet plays a pivotal role among the various modifiable cardiovascular risk factors. The sole objective of this study is to point at nutrition as being the main modulator of different anthropometric parameters and directly or indirectly has a tremendous impact on the blood pressure levels even during young age.

Substituting fruit for snack foods can really help.

  1. Licorice: You might not think of licorice when your blood pressure comes back high, but if you eat it regularly this could be the reason you have hypertension.

Hence, chronic licorice ingestion is associated with an increase in blood pressure and a drop in plasma potassium, even at modest doses. 

It doesn’t take a lot. You just have to eat black licorice on a regular basis in order to be at risk.

  1. Decongestants: This is another one that’s almost always overlooked by doctors, but if you take decongestants on a regular basis they can significantly increase your blood pressure.

Reasons for uncontrolled hypertension include (1) non-compliance; (2) consumption of substances that aggravated hypertension, such as excess salt, alcohol, licorice, decongestants and oral contraceptive

The bottom line is that if you get diagnosed with high blood pressure, it’s a good idea to do an inventory and see if any of the items on this list might be the cause BEFORE you get on treatments.

If you’re already on treatments you can try eliminating some or all of these and see if it makes a difference.

Just be sure you monitor your blood pressure to make sure it doesn’t get too low.

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