High Altitude increases life span

High Altitude increases life span

Have you wondered if you could lead a more healthy life at high altitudes?

Today, we’ll tell you why it’s the best thing for you!

Around 1900, a researcher discovered that tissues could not get oxygen, without enough carbon dioxide.

This discovery became called the so-called Bohr effect.

You can see this in an athlete.

An athlete may need ten times as much oxygen reaching his tissues when he’s running vigorously.

Due to the Bohr effect, he will be panting quickly.

The athlete’s muscles are producing high amounts of carbon dioxide.

And this carbon dioxide helps the oxygen to reach the muscle cells easily and keep his muscles going.

This also means that you get more oxygen when you have more carbon dioxide in your body.

This is why living at high altitude extends life.

In this study, researchers found that men living at higher altitude had far fewer heart attacks and heart disease than men living at sea level.

Even at just 3200 feet, the benefits were seen.

When you need a little more oxygen than you’re getting, your body tends to produce more carbon dioxide.

And this is extremely favorable to a long and healthy life.

Another study looked at various types of cancers and their relationship to altitude.

You have to realize that for the longest time, scientists assumed that the cancer rate at high altitudes would be much higher.

They thought that the high elevation effects would mean less resistance to cancer.

They thought this way because people are more exposed to highly radioactive cosmic rays from outer space at high altitudes.

However, the opposite is true — cancer rates decrease as you live at higher altitudes.

There are two reasons for this.

One reason, the main reason, is that higher altitudes increase your carbon dioxide levels in your body.

And more carbon dioxide is very favorable to longer life.

The other reason that cancer rates decrease as you get higher in altitude is surprising.

The cosmic rays that scientists were concerned about may be more powerful.

But they haven’t been reduced in energy as much, and so they pass right through you rather than being absorbed by your tissues.

But anyway… let’s stick to the idea of carbon dioxide.

Almost all cancers are much lower and have a lower mortality rate as you go to higher altitudes.

So how can you use this to your advantage?

You may be able to live at a higher altitude if possible, or at least vacation at a higher altitude.

Many people think that if you spend time at a high altitude let your body adapt, it has a long-term positive effect.

They believe that one month spent at high altitude can let you enjoy the benefits for the next 12 months.

And you reap the rewards even if you move back to a lower altitude.

Another way to benefit is to increase the carbon dioxide levels in your body, through bag breathing.

Bag breathing allows you to breathe in a carbon dioxide rich atmosphere.

Even drinking water that has a little baking soda mixed in may increase carbon dioxide levels in your body enough to make a difference.

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, and it turns into carbon dioxide in your body.

Carbonated water is another way of getting higher amounts of carbon dioxide in your body.

So drinking more cola or even seltzer water helps.

And maybe the best way to get more carbon dioxide is this one.

Take your next vacation in the mountains.

High-altitude is good for us.

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