Here’s why traditional Chinese medicine men use this one seafood

It’s their favorite food from the ocean and here’s why…

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Here’s why traditional Chinese medicine men use this one seafood

The sea cucumber is one of the favorite seafoods of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners.

This medicinal food is traditionally used to prevent arthritis, infection, gum disease, and fatigue.

It is believed to have anti-cancer properties — and it is a well studied anti-inflammatory.

The sea cucumber is also used to treat insulin resistance and diabetes.

Scientists have begun to test the effect of sea cucumber on these metabolic problems and they have gotten very promising results.

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The animal experiments were carried out at the Ministry of Education of China, Key Laboratory of Glycoscience & Glycotechnology of Shandong Province, School of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ocean University of China.

Insulin resistance and type II diabetes are ever increasing problems.

In the last decade, researchers have come to understand the importance of the liver in these health problems.

This is because the liver plays a major role in managing blood sugar.

The liver is the largest store of sugar in the body.

It should absorb excess sugar from the blood and then later release this sugar in a controlled manner.

The liver can also create sugar from other sources.

When the liver is working properly, blood sugar is likely to be well balanced.

“As the major site of glucose utilization during the postprandial period and the main human tissue of glucose synthesis.”

Insulin plays a role in directing sugar from the blood into the liver.

Consequently, insulin resistance of the liver is a major problem of type II diabetes.

“The liver is the vital target organ of insulin resistance, and delivering insulin resistance is the main reason for the development of type II diabetes.”

Insulin resistance causes the liver to produce more sugar while at the same time preventing sugar from being used as energy.

These two liver problems result in high blood sugar.

“When insulin resistance develops in the liver, increased hepatic glucose production and decreased glucose utilization contribute to the elevated level of blood glucose.”

In the last few years, researchers have made some interesting discoveries about the effects of sea cucumber.

Experiments using insulin resistant liver cells have shown that a compound isolated from sea cucumber has the ability to prevent liver cells from producing excess sugar.

“AHG – isolated from the sea cucumber can suppress hepatic glucose production in insulin resistant hepatocytes, but its effects on glucose metabolism in vivo are unknown.”

If these effects play out in living animals then the sea cucumber could play a major role in fighting type II diabetes.

So the researchers set out about testing this sea cucumber compound (AHG) in mice.

The lab mice were fed a high-fat diet for 12 weeks. This diet makes mice obese, insulin resistant and diabetic.

“The present study was conducted to investigate the effects of AHG on hyperglycemia in the liver of insulin resistant mice induced by a high-fat diet (HFD) for 12 weeks.”

The sea cucumber compound was effective at reducing blood sugar and insulin resistance.

“AHG supplementation reduced blood glucose level, and serum insulin.”

When the obese and diabetic animals were given the sea cucumber compound they lost weight.

The improvements in metabolic health increased when the researchers used higher doses.

“AHG apparently reduced body weight in a dose-dependent manner in high-fat diet fed mice.”

The results of this study are very promising.

They support the claims of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners regarding sea cucumber and metabolic health.

Compounds found in sea cucumber could be a viable treatment for high blood sugar and Type II diabetes.

“These results suggest that AHG could be a promising natural marine product for the development of an anti-hyperglycemic agent.”

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about treating and diagnosing health-related problems.

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