Here’s why men should avoid Advil

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And here’s what I use instead…

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Here’s why men should avoid taking Advil

My doctor knows better than to get the prescription pad out when I’m in his office.

I don’t like taking Big Pharma treatments unless absolutely necessary…

And I’m pretty sure he can see the daggers shooting from my eyes whenever he suggests it.

There’s good reason for this…

Many Big Pharma treatments end up doing more harm than good.

They cause internal inflammation and terrible, sometimes permanent side effects…

And then sometimes you have to take MORE treatments to combat the side effects of the first treatment.

UGH! Who wants that?

Now, don’t get me wrong…

There are some treatments that people HAVE to take for various reasons.

And there are others that work well for short-term situations.

So I’m not telling you to go off meds without talking to your doctor first.

Always work with your doc if you want to get off medication.

But here’s the thing… It’s almost ALWAYS better to use natural methods first, BEFORE resorting to Big Pharma treatments.

And that’s definitely the case with “musculoskeletal disorders” – things like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, and tendinosis.

Study suggests 'rest is best' for carpal tunnel and similar injuries

For certain types of injuries, rest works just as well as Big Pharma treatments.

For many of us (including me), when we are uncomfortable or in pain we want to fix it NOW.

This is a normal response. Very few people ENJOY being in pain.

Unfortunately, the “fix it now” mentality often ends up with us popping pills when there are better solutions available.

It’s important to remember that our bodies have remarkable healing properties and that sometimes rest is all we really need.

In this study, researchers took a look at a very common injury – carpal tunnel syndrome – and found that rest worked JUST as well as Big Pharma treatments.

“In a new study conducted in rats, researchers found a four-week period of rest was nearly as effective as an experimental drug at reducing discomfort and regaining function after an injury from repeated moderate-strain activity.”

They also found that similar types of injuries responded as well to rest as they do to Big Pharma treatments.

Which means that in many cases, the treatments may not be necessary at all.

Big Pharma isn’t going to like THAT!

“The findings are relevant to treating common musculoskeletal disorders caused by overuse, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, tendinosis and low back pain.”

Avoiding meds where possible is usually the best choice.

Because rest has no side effects, it’s a far better choice than taking treatments (over-the-counter or prescription) when possible.

Most guys don’t know this, but the reality is that even over the counter NSAIDS such as Advil are linked to ED, especially when used regularly.

The erection connection is one of the reasons why I try to avoid NSAIDS as much as possible…

And I recommend you do as well.

According to the authors of the study:

Rest appears to be a good first treatment choice…”

If rest isn’t enough, then exercise should be the next intervention.

For injuries of this type, rest and exercise will not only improve pain and function, but will help you to heal so you don’t get reinjured.

That means you’ll be less reliant on Big Pharma treatments in the long run.

And less reliance on Big Pharma is, in my opinion, always a VERY good thing.

Other treatments following rest should include exercises to improve tissues, and pain reducers if needed. If symptoms do not subside and strength does not return following this approach, then pharmacological treatments may be needed to aid recovery.”

The basic idea is this: If you CAN avoid taking pills then avoid taking pills.

There are side effects to nearly all Big Pharma treatments – both over-the-counter and prescription.

Even if the treatments are well tolerated, they can cause long-term havoc that isn’t easy to detect.

Whenever possible, it’s much better to work with your body to let it heal itself.

And if you only take treatments when absolutely necessary, you’ll probably end up being healthier overall.

That’s the approach I take… And it works for me, so why not you?

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