Here’s why men are supplementing with bromelain

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Here’s why men are supplementing with bromelain

Bromelain is a relatively common supplement.

Bromelain is an enzyme extracted from the stems of pineapple. 

It is a proteolytic enzyme, meaning it facilitates the digestion of proteins. 

It is one of the popular “systemic enzymes,” along with serrapeptase, nattokinase and others. 

These enzymes are often part of digestive enzymes formulations, but in truth their influence goes beyond the digestive tract.

Bromelain, and other proteolytic enzymes, can prevent the excessive formation of fibrosis in tissues. 

Fibrosis is an accumulation of collagen and other connective tissues (fibrin) at sites experiencing repeated trauma and/or chronic inflammation. 

It is, in many ways, a normal process of wound healing, but it can become exaggerated and create pathologies like baldness, cirrhosis, and pulmonary fibrosis.

In pulmonary fibrosis, for example, fibrin accumulates in the lungs alveoli, preventing the normal exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen. 

This manifests itself through breathing difficulties and increased risk factor in infections.

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A 1968 study by Enomoto et al. found that bromelain supplementation could prevent pulmonary edema.

This suggests that stem bromelain may somehow remove, through its proteolytic action, the causes of circulatory and respiratory disturbances (…) – Enomoto et al. (1968)

Bromelain possesses many therapeutic vectors.

Some of these include interference with the growth of malignant cells, inhibiting platelet aggregating, fibrinolytic activity, anti-inflammatory, and skin debridement properties. (Taussig & Batkin, 1988)

Topical application of bromelain on burn wounds has been shown to be an effective alternative to the common surgical procedure (debridement) needed to remove the dead tissues from burn wounds. (Osinga et al., 2019)

This localized application of bromelain may also hint at its potential effectiveness for relieving the fibrotic pathology of scalp in male pattern baldness. 

Overall, the therapeutic benefits and safety of bromelain, even orally, seems self-evident:

Bromelain is a crude extract from the pineapple that contains, among other components, various closely related proteinases, demonstrating, in vitro and in vivo, antiedematous, antiinflammatory, antithrombotic and fibrinolytic activities. The active factors involved are biochemically characterized only in part. Due to its efficacy after oral administration, its safety and lack of undesired side effects, bromelain has earned growing acceptance and compliance among patients as a phytotherapeutical ‘treatment.’ – Maurer (2001)

There is still much to learn about these “systemic enzymes,” as bromelain is clearly just one example of a myriad of enzymes with different characteristics. 

Bromelain appears effective at “cleaning out” improper wound healing baggage via its proteolytic activity.

It has other effects, but this is probably the most important.

That being said, while supplementing enzymes may be therapeutic, it remains an action which is downstream of larger, more important interventions. 

One such intervention is improving thyroid function, which probably modulates enzymatic activity to a great extent.

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