Here’s what eating virgin coconut oil can do for your erections

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Here’s what eating virgin coconut oil can do for your erections

There are many ways to lose fat and improve blood sugar.

Exercise, better sleep, and dieting can all help.

But can a simple addition of a specific food lead to lower body fat and better blood sugar readings?

Some research does hint that coconut oil may have these properties.

A recent study using virgin coconut oil showed that it can lower body fat, improve glucose tolerance, lower blood sugar, and even protect the liver.

These researchers carried out animal experiments at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry published the results.

Obesity is on the rise.

And in recent years the relationship between inflammation and obesity has become clear.

“Obesity is associated with chronic low-grade inflammation and glucose intolerance, cardiovascular disease, and liver damage.”

In general, coconut oil has many health benefits.

They make virgin coconut oil by extracting it from the coconut without using any heat treatments.

“Virgin coconut oil is obtained from fresh, mature coconut kernel without the use of any heat and refining process.”

Apparently, this preserves a lot of healthy compounds in the oil that can otherwise be destroyed.

“Virgin coconut oil retains a significant amount of phytochemicals which can act as antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.”

Many of the compounds in virgin coconut oil can have anti-inflammatory effects.

And those anti-inflammatory compounds could be particularly beneficial for blood sugar and blood lipids.

“Those phytochemicals could also help to improve the glucose homeostasis and lipid metabolism.”

So the researchers decided to conduct some experiments in mice.

They used one group of eight mice and another group of 32 mice.

The smaller group ate a normal diet and the larger group ate a diet that made them obese.

“The first group (n=8), mice were fed with chow diet (Control – C group).”

“The second group (n=32), mice were fed a HC diet for eight weeks for obesity induction.”

After eight weeks, they divided the second group into four smaller groups with eight mice in each group.

“After 8 weeks, mice fed with the HC diet were randomly redistributed equally into four groups.”

One of those groups continued with the same diet.

The researchers supplemented the other three groups with different doses of virgin coconut oil.

“The other three were supplemented with virgin coconut oil in amounts calculated to provide 1g/kg, 3g/kg and 9g/kg body weight.”

After a month of virgin coconut oil supplementation, the researchers compared all of the different groups.

“The dietary treatment using virgin coconut oil was performed for four weeks.”

All of the animals supplemented with coconut oil showed many health improvements at the end of the experiment.

Their body fat went down.

“Regardless of the concentration used, virgin coconut oil supplementation promoted lower adiposity.”

The researchers investigated the fat cells in all of the animals.

Animals supplemented with virgin coconut oil had smaller fat cells.

“Virgin coconut oil supplemented groups presented smaller adipocyte area.”

The animals given supplemental virgin coconut oil had lower blood sugar and lipids.

“Virgin coconut oil supplementation promoted an improvement in glucose tolerance, lower serum glucose and lipid levels.”

The animals even had healthier livers.

The researchers found lower levels of hepatic steatosis – liver damage associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes.

“Virgin coconut oil supplementation decreased hepatic steatosis.”

The theory about improving metabolic symptoms by decreasing inflammation also seemed to be correct.

Virgin coconut oil decreased some of the most potent inflammatory proteins (TNF-a and IL-6).

“Virgin coconut oil induced a lower inflammatory response due to decreased TNF-α and IL-6 concentrations in adipose tissue.”

The bottom line from this study…

Virgin coconut oil could lower inflammation, decrease body fat, and improve many metabolic parameters.

“Virgin coconut oil can be considered as an interesting potential dietary approach to attenuate obesity and its metabolic and inflammatory alterations.”

You should always consult a healthcare practitioner about diagnosing and treating any health-related problems.

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