Here’s how to beat Alzheimer’s before symptoms start

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Maintain razor-sharp mind and memory for decades and decades

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Here’s how to beat Alzheimer’s before symptoms start

Hit your thumb with a hammer and your thumb instantly swells up…the thumb fills with blood, antibodies rush to the thumb, stress hormones skyrocket…

And now scientists recognize Alzheimer’s as a type of inflammation like hitting your thumb with a hammer — but it’s in your brain…

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Now I know that the blurb up above looks like a bunch of scientific gobbly goop…

But it’s really important, because what it means is that scientists are finding that, like in many other diseases, it’s inflammation that is causing Alzheimer’s.

Inflammatory mechanisms caused by the brain’s immune system drive the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

This is a super important finding because it indicates that we may be able to prevent Alzheimer’s in the future, before the symptoms of not knowing who your kids are set in.

These findings, which rely on a series of laboratory experiments, provide new insights into pathogenetic mechanisms that are believed to hold potential for tackling Alzheimer’s before symptoms manifest.

This is super exciting — especially for guys like me who are getting a bit older.

And it’s an incredible breakthrough because this research is showing us the actual cause of Alzheimer’s instead of just the symptoms after it starts.

It used to be thought that “plaques” were the cause of Alzheimer’s, but it turns out that these plaques are actually triggering inflammatory responses in the brain.

Studies revealed that deposits of Abeta, known as “plaques,” trigger inflammatory mechanisms by the brain’s innate immune system. 

And if we can figure out a way to detect these plaques and prevent the inflammation from occurring in the brain, then we can potentially prevent Alzheimer’s symptoms from developing in the first place.

“Deposition and spreading of Abeta pathology likely precede the appearance of clinical symptoms such as memory problems by decades.”

This particular study was done on rats (because they get Alzheimer’s too), but indications are looking very good that the same process is going to hold true in humans.

“Analysis of human brain material indicates at several levels that inflammation and Abeta pathology may interact in a similar fashion in humans.”

One of the most remarkable things we found out recently about inflammation is that we no longer think it’s a side effect of the disease, but the actual CAUSE of the disease itself.

“Our findings suggest that brain inflammation is not just a bystander phenomenon, but a strong contributor to disease progression.”

This is a relatively new way of thinking within the scientific community, and the implications for inflammation being the cause of the disease are quite exciting.

It could lead to HUGE breakthroughs to help us live our older years in much better health.

How to reduce inflammation

While we’re waiting for science to give us more answers, it’s a good idea to figure out exactly what we can do to reduce inflammation.

There are many things in our modern environments that cause inflammation. And by eliminating just some of them we can really help ourselves.

One of the most pervasive inflammation-causing agents is something called polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs).

And unfortunately, PUFAs are in our diets just about everywhere…

They come in the form of corn oil, canola oil, soy oil, and other vegetable oils that are liquid at room temperature.

And they cause massive inflammation throughout your entire body.

And while PUFAs aren’t the only cause of inflammation in our environment, they are one of the main causes.

By getting rid of these types of oils and fats, you can reduce inflammation in your body (and your brain)…

…and help prevent many inflammation-induced diseases from forming in the first place…

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