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Don’t use these substances – can shrink penile tissue

When men suffer with erections problems, they often think it is caused by psychological issues or low testosterone.

More often than not, these 2 factors are not the cause of erections problems.

In fact, elevated levels of prolactin or estrogen, and inflammatory factors which affect blood vessels are the most likely cause of poor rockiness.

Take this research where scientists carried out experiments on the penis tissue of rats…

These rats had been exposed to estrogen or plant-based estrogenic substances from soybeans.

These estrogenic substances decreased the ability of the penile tissue to get or maintain rockiness.

The estrogenic substances also cause a decrease in testosterone in the animals.

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The animal experiments were performed at the National University of Singapore. This paper was published in Urology.

The researchers were interested in the effects of estrogen on the corpus cavernosum.

This is the central tissue in the penis. It is the tissue that swells and becomes firm when the penis is rocky.

They were primarily interested in the effects of estrogenic substances on estrogen receptors in this tissue.

“We investigated the functional changes in rabbit penile corpus cavernosum secondary to experimental hyperestrogenism and attempted to identify sites for estrogen receptor subtypes alpha and beta.”

While they were at it, they decided to check out the effects of estrogens on the ability of penile tissue to get and maintain rockiness.

“Testosterone in sexual function has been extensively studied in clinical settings and experimental animal models, the effect of hormonal estrogenic excess has not been characterized.”

The researchers split 16 rabbits into 2 groups of 8.

One group was given a type of estrogen that is produced in the body (estradiol).

The other group were given daidzein.

Daidzein is a substance produced in legumes – it’s found in very high amounts in soybean and soybean products.

Daidzein activates the estrogen receptors just like estradiol does. It acts in many ways just like estrogen.

“The two treatment groups were given orally 0.1 mg of estradiol valerate or phytoestrogen, daidzein daily for 12 weeks.”

Both substances led to reduced testosterone levels in the living animals.

It seems that natural estrogen or daidzein from soybeans can drop testosterone.

“Chronic treatment with estradiol and phytoestrogen significantly reduced the systemic total testosterone levels.”

The researchers carried out experiments on the penile tissue of the animals.

The ability to achieve and maintain strong erections is dependent on a number of things.

First is the ability of some types of tissue to relax – to allow more blood flow into the organ.

Treatment with both estrogenic substances reduced this necessary precondition for rockiness.

“In organ bath experiments, relaxant responses were significantly attenuated compared with the control response.”

Estrogen and daidzein also cause a contractile effect on penile tissue…

Something which will also inhibit the ability to achieve and maintain rockiness.

“Both types of estrogen treatments significantly potentiated anti-‘rockiness’ contraction of the CC.”

Estrogens, whether natural or from soybeans, have numerous effects of the penis which will inhibit the ability to achieve and maintain strong rockiness.

Elevated levels of estrogenic substances are a greater risk for poor erections than low testosterone is.

Elevated levels of estrogens also tend to suppress testosterone levels.

This could be 1 reason why low testosterone is often seen alongside poor rockiness.

“These results indicate that estradiol treatment and chronic exposure of phytoestrogen may cause receptor-mediated pathophysiologic changes in ‘penile’ function, leading to ‘penile’ dysfunction.”

If you have erections problems, the first thing you should do is limit your exposure to estrogenic substances in your diet…

…and take steps to lower your endogenous production of natural estrogens.

—-Important Message About Lowering Estrogen—-

Sip this daily to naturally raise T while lowering estrogen

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Believe it or not, most men are producing testosterone just fine on their own.

The problem is something called “aromatization.”

Aromatization is when testosterone gets turned into estrogen in a man’s body.

And that’s the real reason why testosterone levels stay low.

It’s because all the new testosterone you’re producing keeps getting turned into estrogen.

So instead of wasting money on T supplements or patches, tablets, or injections from the doc…

Just take 2 minutes to cook this little mixture – 1 sip stops aromatization and starts naturally boosting T while estrogen drops


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Estrogen and phytoestrogen predispose to erectile dysfunction: do ER-alpha and ER-beta in the cavernosum play a role?