Help get rid of pain

So I told you my story about pain.

And there is a lot more to it — not only getting rid of terrible pain, but raising testosterone, specifically free testosterone, and lowering estrogen.

Even bigger semen loads.

What are you MOST interested in — getting rid of pain, or raising free testosterone? Can you kindly tell me so I know what to focus on the most.

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  1. Severe neck/headache pain for +-30 years – also suspect shortage of testosterone??? Age= 75y – have been to a truck load of Drs over the years – Help!!!!!

  2. Headaches. Are here all day. Sometimes pain is worse. Cut out all caffeine.. Doctor told me to take a pill to sleep. Bad side effects. Doing this helps but they are still there not as bad.

  3. I would have to say both subjects are important. Yes, chronic physical pain of any kind is debillitating and over takes everything in your life. But, so does Low-T. For me its mentally destructive when my body parts refuse to do as they should, when they should, mainly in the ability to get it up and keep her satisfied. When a guy cannot get it up and keep her coming as he once did, we all know what happens and how horrible that feels. So, I feel both topics are too closely related to choose only one. Thanks Matt, for all you do!

  4. I am 65 and still actively working slugging 50lbs bags. I have minor back aches and my knees aren’t as strong they used to be. Lol
    My T is adequate but l like to boost it.

  5. So very nice to hear/see someone educating folks of the danger and side effects of the game BIG PHARMA been playing with people lives and getting richer & bigger taking our hard earned money and in return giving us all very bad side effects and pains for rest of our lives.
    Am sure both are important to just about over 90% people!!!!
    I have concocted, made,created,invented what ever its called an oil from herbs and vegetables oils derived from God green earth, and for EXTERNAL USE ONLY, which to my amazement had cured an 80 old family friend’s 25 years old knee and shanks severe chronic pain.

  6. Want to raise testosterone and i also have a cavity where it hits a nerve and I’m in pain and can’t sleep.

  7. I have real bad low back pain. I’ve had four low back surgeries. I also have Parkinson’s disease caused by my exposure to agent orange while serving in the Marine Corps in Vietnam.

  8. Matt, I do not have any Pain, I believe it’s due to the Liquid minerals I take each day. Because the Faming lands are mined out of most minerals, we do not get them, unless you supplement. No Drugs. But I do have a problem with the T. Also It could be scaring as you pointed out at one time.
    Thanks for the info. Oh I am 90 years young.

  9. I am still very young and don’t have any problems with testosterone. But, it does shock me that since 6 years ago I had a condition that makes my back not straight. Hasn’t messed with my workout routine, although it still bothers me that my back could feel better.

  10. I personally am interested in increasing my Free T but I also am very interested in the pain relieving aspect mostly for my parents and friends. My Mom deals with aching muscles at age 83 and I have several friends that deal with Migraines. I look forward to seeing the information – Mark

  11. both are of interest to me but pain is higher on my list I feel if the pain goes I can then focus on the T.

  12. higher testosterone would really help since I haven’t had sex with my wife for 8 years because I have ED

  13. Matt Cook is up to his eyeballs full of crap!! If you really want to save the world from painful living, just freely give us your gifts and cut the blah blah blah !!

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