Heart Thickening Causes Heart Attacks – How to Reverse It

Heart Thickening Causes Heart Attacks - Here’s How to Reverse It

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Heart Thickening Causes Heart Attacks – How to Reverse It

Heart attacks cause scarring and thickening of the heart tissue.

These changes lead to a greater chance of heart failure in the future.

A new study shows how vitamin D can protect against the damaging changes brought about by a heart attack.

By preventing these changes to the heart structure, this vitamin could lower the rate of heart failure.

Vitamin D Improves Cardiac Function After Myocardial Infarction Through Modulation of Resident Cardiac Progenitor Cells

The researchers conducted this animal study at the Westmead Institute for Medical Research. The journal Heart Lung and Circulation published the results.

Many studies show that D can be protective against different types of heart problems.

This study set out to investigate if vitamin D can protect against heart failure.

“Vitamin D has been implicated in the prevention of heart failure. However, the underlying mechanism remains unclear.”

The study focused in on a type of cell that is normally involved in healing.

These cells can become overactive after a heart attack.

And that can lead to the growth of problematic scarring structures within the heart.

The first experiment found that this particular vitamin reduced the growth of these problematic cells.

“Vitamin D dose-dependently increased expression of vitamin D receptors and reduced large colony formation.”

Scientists believe that reducing the formation of these scarring colony structures could prevent heart failure.

In this experiment, D proved to be an anti-fibrotic.

This means that it can prevent excessive scar tissue (fibrosis). And this kind of tissue impedes normal heart function.

“Addition of vitamin D slowed cell proliferation and decreased expression of scarring, pro-fibrotic factors.”

Vitamin D limits the amount of scar tissue in the heart after a heart attack.

Scar tissue (fibrosis) prevents the heart from being able to pump enough blood effectively…

And this can lead to heart failure.

Another set of experiments involving mice reinforced these positive results.

They induced heart attacks in the mice. Then they gave some of the mice supplemental vitamin D.

And vitamin D prevented the troublesome scarring that occurs after heart attacks.

“Vitamin D-treated mice had less left ventricular wall thinning and significant improvement in left ventricular systolic function compared to vehicle-treated controls.”

In addition, vitamin D limits the damage caused by a heart attack.

“Vitamin D signaling promotes cardioprotection after myocardial infarction.”

This study shows once again the positive benefits of vitamin D for the heart.

With further research, vitamin D could prove to be a very safe and effective treatment for heart patients.

“The role of vitamin D in regulating heart function, therefore, warrants further investigation.”

Other studies have shown that vitamin D could be protective against having a heart attack in the first place.

About 600,000 people die of heart-related diseases in the United States every year – one in four.

Every year, over 735,000 Americans have a heart attack.

So it’s extremely important to find out the specifics of vitamin D’s effect on the heart.

Vitamin D can be taken as a supplement as it was in the study – by mouth or topically.

But for most people, the safest way to get vitamin D is by sun exposure.

Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin in response to exposure from the UV light present in sunlight.

It seems that the body regulates vitamin D from sunlight more effectively than from supplements.

If you decide to use high supplemental doses of D, pay attention. Make sure you have supervision from a healthcare professional.

There is evidence that large amounts of D need to be balanced with other vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A.

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