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Can magnesium increase male blood flow?

High blood pressure, atherosclerosis, endothelial dysfunction, and arterial stiffness are increasingly common, closely related problems of the blood vessels.

The risks of high blood pressure are overblown in my opinion — especially in older people, where numerous studies have shown that higher blood pressure is protective.

But as for the other conditions, particularly atherosclerosis, these are real killers.

Fortunately, there are dozens of easily available nutrients and foods which can have profound effects on the health of your blood vessels.

Arguably, there is no other substance as beneficial for the blood vessels as magnesium.

Let’s take a look at an article which lists numerous beneficial effects of magnesium on blood vessel health by analyzing how magnesium deficiency causes blood vessel disease.

Keep in mind that magnesium deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies.

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The review article was written at the Medical University of Pleven in Bulgaria.

The paper was published by The International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

Magnesium is the fourth most common mineral in the body.

Researchers have shown that it is essential for over 300 processes in the body.

“Magnesium is the fourth most common mineral in the human body after calcium, potassium and sodium, and should be continuously replenished by food and water intake.”

Yet numerous large health bodies have stated that vast numbers of people are suffering with a magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium is one of those nutrients that is found in many foods – but usually only in trace amounts.

In the last few decades, we have added a lot of refined starches and fats to the diet.

They make up a lot of the caloric intake these days – but these common foods are almost completely deficient in magnesium.

And so, many people eating a “standard diet” really should be supplementing with magnesium.

This study looked at the role of magnesium in arterial hypertension. This is a type of high blood pressure which can be caused by numerous changes to the blood vessels.

“Despite considerable knowledge about arterial hypertension, the role of magnesium deficiency as a risk factor is not fully understood.”

One of the main things we find in the blood vessels of people who suffer from this disease is excessive amounts of calcium.

Now, calcium is an essential and beneficial mineral.

But it should not be found in large amounts in the blood vessel walls.

Magnesium is the mineral which opposes calcium.

This is one reason why it may be beneficial for people with arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis.

“Magnesium is a natural calcium antagonist.”

As well as helping to regulate calcium, magnesium can help blood vessels to relax naturally.

Stiff, narrow blood vessels are a cause of high blood pressure.

Numerous substances produced by the body can cause the blood vessels to tighten up — increasing blood pressure, or to relax — decreasing blood pressure.

The process of relaxing the blood vessels to lower blood pressure is called vasodilation.

“Magnesium triggers the production of vasodilators and altars the blood vessel response to a number of vasoactive substances.”

Magnesium can block the effects of things like adrenaline — which tighten the blood vessels and increase blood pressure.

Inflammation is also a cause of blood vessel disease and high blood pressure.

Atherosclerosis is, first and foremost, an inflammatory condition.

Magnesium is an anti-inflammatory — and magnesium deficiency causes inflammation of the blood vessels.

“Magnesium deficiency potentiates inflammatory responses in the blood vessels.”

Healthy blood vessel walls are regulated by a number of proteins called collagen and elastin.

The correct balance of these two proteins has a major effect on blood vessel health. Magnesium helps to keep these important proteins in balance.

“Magnesium regulates collagen and elastin turnover in the blood vessel wall.”

The vast amount of effects of magnesium on blood vessel health means that anyone with a cardiovascular problem should make sure that they’re getting enough magnesium before doing anything else.

“Considering the numerous positive effects and mechanisms related to arterial hypertension, consuming a healthy diet that provides the recommended amount of magnesium can be an appropriate strategy for helping to control blood pressure.”

Getting enough magnesium from food can be tricky — for many people it may be a good idea to take a nice, clean, magnesium supplement.

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Eat one of these 5 superfoods for more magnesium — increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure

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I’ve discovered certain foods naturally rich in magnesium.

And these foods are perfect for giving men the magnesium they need to have great blood flow.

See, magnesium is important in relaxing the blood vessels for good blood flow.

And in this way, it also helps lower blood pressure without treatments from the doc!

Eat one of these 5 foods for more magnesium and get better blood and perfect pressure

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Matt Cook is editor-in-chief of Daily Medical Discoveries. Matt has been a full time health researcher for 26 years. ABC News interviewed Matt on sexual health issues not long ago. Matt is widely quoted on over 1,000,000 websites. He has over 300,000 daily newsletter readers. Daily Medical Discoveries finds hidden, buried or ignored medical studies through the lens of 100 years of proven science. Matt heads up the editorial team of scientists and health researchers. Each discovery is based upon primary studies from peer reviewed science sources following the https://www.dailymedicaldiscoveries.com/sildenafil-citrate-50mg/ to ensure accuracy.

Role of Magnesium Deficiency in Promoting Atherosclerosis, Endothelial Dysfunction, and Arterial Stiffening as Risk Factors for Hypertension